You and me eating mangos in a mango tree

I feel like a failure. Not because orientation at the animal shelter went horribly. It wasn’t a total disaster like most of my social situations are.  I was on 2mg of clonazepam which is a lot for me. I could semi-smile like a normal person. But the coordinator still asked me if I was comfortable. Obviously I looked scared.

I just didn’t expect to suck with two legged animals and the four legged ones. It was hard trying to get the dog back into the kennel. Ugh, I’m not good with handling excited or scared animals. I forgot what a 2-5 year old dog is like. (My dog is 16). They have so much energy! Of course they didn’t want to go back into the kennel.

This is another issue but I’m terrified to pick up my guinea pigs too. I sort of know how. I’m just scared to. Between not getting the dogs back into the kennel and not being able to get my guinea pigs out for free time…#majorfail

Am I going back? Probably at least once more. I have to make it soon or I’ll keep putting it off and never go back. I’m so glad we didn’t have to commit to a schedule. I was worried about that. I think I want to go on weekdays. I’m shooting for next Thursday for an hour.

The above probably doesn’t make sense. I typed this up within 3 hours of getting back from the animal shelter. I’m still frazzled. I feel defeated about so many things at the moment.


Big diet change:

I’m planning on going gluten free in a week or two…once all of my food I recently brought runs out. However, I won’t be eating “gluten free food” because I am also trying to lose weight and that would defeat that purpose. Besides “gluten free food” is expensive. I have done hours of research and my grocery bill would be as much as my car note! I can’t afford that. I’m not sure I can even afford to go gluten free without specialty foods but I know it is cheaper.

I plan on eating mostly baked chicken, fish, eggs, and nuts. Exciting.

Why am I going on this diet now? Because I recently found out that a gluten free diet helps people with schizophrenia and autism. SOLD. That is all I needed to know. Much more to come. The book Wheat Belly would make a lot of people want to go gluten free.

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