Losing sleep

(Guinea pig update at the bottom of this post).

I told my family I wasn’t getting married until I was 85…now it looks like that isn’t going to happen. By the way, I told them that when I was about 7 or 8 years old.  They thought it was hilarious. I always knew. I think 85 meant never.

Today I did two one hour classes at the gym back to back because I’m nuts a badass. I did weightlifting first and then I did Body Step. Overall it went okay. Body Step is  tough for people who are uncoordinated. This was only my second attempt.  The class is supposed to burn 600 calories. I probably burned about 350 because I couldn’t keep up. I don’t know why I’m bothering with exercising. Before the classes I got on the scale and it was not a pretty sight. I’m up to 136!!!!!! FUCK. I can’t win. I gave up last week. And I’m giving up again. If I hit 140, I’m plucking out my eyeballs. :/   I only eat twice a day. (is that the problem? heh). Whatevs. Just don’t let me hit 140. This isn’t a vanity thing. I don’t shave my legs*. I don’t wear makeup. It has nothing to do with looks. I’m not trying to impress ANYBODY. I’m just in mourning over my old weight. 😦 I can’t except what is.

*Yes I get lots of stares when I wear capris. I’m too “shy” to wear shorts. If I get looks for capris, imagine the stares I would get if I wore short shorts.  You should see the looks. They look at my legs and then it is like they are trying to see whether I’m really a female because they always look at my hair next. I think some people think I’m transgendered because no female would ever go out without shaving her legs. THE HORROR! I don’t shave because it is too time consuming and it just grows back so what’s the point? And if men don’t shave, why should I have to? I don’t have to so I don’t. I hate the stares though. Grrr!


I have better pics of the pigs and a video so I have to post them!

guinea pig


My guinea pigs are doing great. I think. I can’t wait to be able to give them free time. I let my last guinea pig go free in a whole room but that won’t happen where I live now. I’m planning on buying a gate and they can go free within that. They don’t whistle (aka wheeking). But they do popcorn (aka jump) like crazy. Ezra is outgoing and a ham for the camera. He also likes to show he is the dominate pig. Toby is easygoing and maybe a little shy.

guinea pig

the Tobster

I swear I won’t mention them in every post. 😉

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