Always be my cavy

I wish I had pics of the guinea pigs for this post. 😦 I could have easily taken pics before I put them in their cage but I wanted to get them out of the cardboard ASAP.  Here is their home:

guinea pig cage

their home

Believe it or not that is a home for a rabbit! I don’t think a rabbit would be happy in that. Honestly, it is probably too small for two guinea pigs. I brought them matching beds but I had to take one out so they would have more room. Here is an overview of the cage:

Let me backtrack: I brought two guinea pigs yesterday from a pet store (*gasp – not a pet store!*). I’ve been thinking about it for a few months. I did have a guinea pig a while ago. She lived to be about 7. I got her from a different pet store. This time I brought two males because all they had were males. Their names are Toby (black and white) and Ezra (brown, white & black).

I didn’t really want two but I have learned that guinea pigs shouldn’t be kept solo. Although my last guinea pig seemed fine by herself. Right now two seems like a good idea. They are scared of me. It is probably best to be scared with a mate. Ezra is coming around slowly. Toby is going to need more time.

I can’t wait to go grocery shopping this weekend so I can buy them some vegetables: carrots, cucumbers and romaine lettuce. All I have in the fridge is frozen spinach and rotten cherry tomatoes. For now they just have hay and pellets.  I’m scared to give them grass around here because I don’t know what’s been sprayed on it. I might steal some from my mom’s house this weekend. 🙂

I just figured since I didn’t have to pay rent for two places this month, why not treat myself to something? I also considered that I won’t be traveling for more than a few days for the next 5+ years. So that won’t be a problem.

I wish I had photos to share. They are extra cute. 😉 Ugh, I just noticed that Ezra is chasing Toby around. I’ve never had two guinea pigs so I don’t know how normal this is. I yelled “Hey Toby and Ezra, quit it!” and they stopped…for now.

I will have pics one day.

Edited to add: woohoo! I got some great pics. Will share them soon.

2 thoughts on “Always be my cavy

  1. I am so happy you got them and even piggies from a pet store are a rescue in my opinion.
    Enjoy Toby and Ezra. I have Molly Sue and Annabelle. I got them when they were less than a week old from my vet who rescued them and they are both over three years old now.

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