sometimes you got to rewrite the plot

I read the Time article on “The Childfree Life”. It was good and fair. It relied on facts and stats. I’m a sucker for stats. I might pick up a physical copy this weekend. I learned one thing this weekend. (Well I sort of knew this but this cemented it). I mentioned the Time article to someone. NEVER mention being childfree to a parent. I don’t fully understand it. Do they regret their choice? Are they jealous? Do they resent us? Is it a combination? I care about other people’s feeling so fine, I won’t mention it.* People and their issues. Sigh. I’ll just be a quiet little girl…for the most part.

*I will occasionally blog about it but I won’t say the word “childfree” to a parent. Warning: I’m going to mention being childfree once in this post because um, I am.


I don’t have career goals. That is a no-no for a single, college educated, childfree woman. Why don’t you have kids? Too busy with the career. Why aren’t you dating? Are you kidding me, no time it is all about working and climbing that ladder . You have a college degree? What are you going to do with it?

I don’t fit the single/childfree woman stereotype at all. I’m not career oriented. Never have been.

I didn’t go to college to get a job, I went for the experience. Even though I was VERY depressed through most of it, I don’t regret going. Of course I wish I could have enjoyed it more…I didn’t know when I dreamed of going to college, I would be depressed. I started dreaming about college at about age 8. I was the first person in my whole extended family to graduate from a university.

I do have goals: traveling and living in the country with no neighbors.  😉 I have to narrow my goals down and those are my two big goals. Of course those goals cost money. I just have to figure it out. Realistically I should probably focus on the country house first, then travel. I’m so glad I spontaneously went to Mexico when I did. Looking at my life now…..I don’t see myself leaving the country in the next 3-5 years. Bummer.

The house is a 10 year goal. (It won’t be an expensive house. Unless the market changes, I should be able to buy a house for $120k or less in the area I want to reside). Hopefully I can start looking in 7 years. As far as travel goes, all the places I want to visit aren’t expensive. For example, I’m dying to take a road trip through North Carolina. But I also want to go to Puerto Vallarta, Greece, Hawaii, Bora Bora etc. I would go anywhere. heh.

Of course I have more, smaller goals. But these are my two big ones that involve planning.

I know this entry is all over the place. This is what I call “blogging it out”. I take my disorganized thoughts and just post. I’m going to the gym for Body Pump. Half of me wants to stay in but I’ve got to get out of the house. Bye.

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