The Childfree Life

child freeee!

child freeee!

WOW! Look at that cover. Thank you, Time for using the word CHILDFREE. Thank you so much! YAYAY CHILDFREE – Score.

I feel like people think it is some made up word but childless is the wrong term. Less implies lack. I don’t know much but I do know my life isn’t lacking due to not having kids. I’m lacking in many areas but not that one.

Sorry for the outburst but when I saw this cover this morning I was so excited. I can’t wait to read the whole article. (From what the author said on TV, I think this won’t be a negative article…but who knows).

The decision to have a child or not is a private one, but it takes place, in America, in a culture that often equates womanhood with motherhood. Any national discussion about the struggle to reconcile womanhood with modernity tends to begin and end with one subject: parenting. If you’re a woman who’s not in the mommy trenches, more often than not you’re excluded from the discussion.

Yep, we’re ignored but as less people have kids the discussion will change.  Or maybe the birthrate will go back up when the economy gets better.

I have to LOL at the pic they chose for the cover…as if being childfree means no problems and just chilling all the time. NOT!

Here are some more goodies:

I Just Don’t Want a Child

And here is a bonus video…….
Happy childfree day! 😉 (no it is isn’t official)

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