It’s starting again

I saw Fruitvale Station after work on Friday. (No spoilers) It stayed with me for hours. It is still with me now. I wish it wasn’t based on a true story. 😦  I vaguely remember when it happened so I knew what occurred. To see the movie is just – wow! Heartbreaking. I intentionally didn’t read much about the movie before I saw it. I expected the story to be told differently. I was surprised in a good way. Fruitvale is a must see. I want to see it again and again but I’m going to hold myself back…until it comes out on DVD.

Yes, I know parts of the film are not accurate. I knew that before I saw the film by watching an interview with the writer/director. This piece kind of rips the film for that. Spoilers in that link. I agree that the writer went out of his way to elicit sympathy for Oscar but it doesn’t make me like the movie any less. If a person wants to know what really happened they can easily read about it. I really like and agree with The Washington Post‘s take on the movie. People may write off the value of some lives but these people matter (of course!). That is what I think the real theme of the movie is.


For the record, I do believe the final incident wasn’t intentional.


Every time I write or share thoughts about having kids, the next day I’m like “WTF was I thinking?!” I have so many things I want to do and kids just don’t fit into the equation. I want to travel more, take naps when I want to, have less stress not more,  and just be spontaneous. I won’t be able to do that with a kid. I would not have been able to go to Mexico last October. I like my freedom. I change my mind. I’m a gypsy.

A coworker said, “We all do our time”.  By doing time, she meant raising kids and then you can do whatever you want. I don’t want to do the time. That is a lot of time. lol. And does it ever really end? I’ll pass. I’ll just adopt another dog one day.  I really want a cat right now, but after my last cat experience, I’m not sure I should try again. I can’t deal with the physical sickness.

In another year I will probably blog about adopting again…but I’ll sleep on it.



Music for the week:  Selena Gomez, Alexz Johnson, Matt Nathanson, Sara Bareillis, Original Broadway Cast: Kinky Boots & Motown the Musical. (I want to see Kinky Boots!)

TV for the week: Instant Star, Pretty Little Liars, news, Big Brother 15 ( I have the live feed for 48 hours. I’m cancelling Sunday night. I haven’t watch Big Brother live feeds in about 10 or so years. lol. The quality of the video is good – HD. The content is eh, not great. The women take so long to get ready. I’m a get up and shower girl. Then I’m done. I don’t even know how to apply makeup).

Movie of the week: Fruitvale Station

Books of the week: Buddha Standard Time: Awakening to the Infinite Possibilities of Now by Surya Das and Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Goals for next week: Try a gym class during my lunch break. Get caught up with work. Finish reading these books so I can start new ones. Write in my paper journal.

I mowed the lawn today. That’s my cardio. Tomorrow I’m running errands and then doing weights and cardio at the work gym. So far every Sunday, the gym has been empty. ::crossing fingers for tomorrow::  I’m thinking about buying a jump rope to do cardio.  That way I can do cardio daily. I’m looking forward to learning how to use an exercise ball so I can do a group class this Thursday. That should be interesting. I’m going to weigh myself for the 1st time in over a week on Tuesday. I hope I’m down to at least 132 but I’m not counting on it.

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