My heart’s beaten better alone

I’ve recently dreamed that I had a baby at least three times now. Scary, right? Sometimes it seems like a nightmare –Thank g-d I was just dreaming– other times not so frightening.

I don’t find babies (especially newborns) cute. I don’t like babies. I don’t hate them either. They just exist. But I have a confession: I want a baby sling! Why don’t I see more people with these? They look super awesome.

baby sling

I’m sure there is some practical reason why I don’t see people out in these very much. But I would rock it everywhere possible, including at home. Maybe I have read too many books on psychopaths but all the known psychopaths weren’t held at all or very little as children. The baby sling solves this. Of course I’m the only one thinking about what if my kid is a psychopath?

Babies are so expensive. I’m surprised so many can afford them. I could go on a really nice and long vacation with all that money. Well I say the same thing about weddings. That could be a down payment on a house!

No I’m not thinking about having a baby!!!!! However, I have 7 years before I consider adoption. I’m 90% sure I won’t do it but part of me wants to believe that is an option if I want to later on.

Being childfree is perfect for me now. I couldn’t imagine life any other way but a lot could change in 7 years.

One of my coworkers swore she would be childfree forever but now she’s pregnant! I was so shocked. She seemed depressed and I wondered why. I just thought it was work since all of us are having a little bit of a hard time with all this new stuff. Eventually I found out. I hope everything works out.

Sidetracked by CSPAN…my life is so exciting.

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