I will not idly go, I got too much to fight for

my weight

my weight

I’m using these scale pics for my Project Life album. Please note that when I put my phone down, my weight went down to 133.4 😉 But it isn’t low enough. I know I seem obsessed with how much I weigh.

My feet are so tired. I just got back from the gym. I went three times this week:

Tuesday: Body Pump (weight lifting)

Wednesday: Water fitness (cardio and weights)

Friday: Body Step (mostly cardio, some weight lifting)

I want to document this because I don’t know when this will happen again. Today I warmed up by doing half a mile on the treadmill and then I went to Body Step for an hour. I’m not sure I’m going back to her class. Unfortunately her class is the only one that fits with my schedule. 😦 Bummer. The instructor is just way too outgoing for me.

…And I’m so damn uncoordinated. If I can get over her personality, I might try again. She said it takes 6 classes to get used to it. I dunno. It was a great workout. I didn’t have enough water and I haven’t sweated like that while exercising in a looooong time. Why does she have to be so out there?? Argh.

Water fitness at the Y and water fitness at this gym is totally different. First of all, I almost slipped at least 5 times. I can’t swim so that is scary for me. The first time I slipped I almost cried out. (But then I remembered I have social anxiety and I got myself together). I don’t know what the problem is. I have the same water shoes I used at the Y.

Water fitness was actually fun! The instructor was very intense. It was a good workout. Some of the stuff I couldn’t do since I’m not that comfortable in water. I also couldn’t do a lot of the weight lifting stuff in the water. I’m so weak.

I still love the weightlifting class. Perfect time. Perfect instructor. That’s a keeper. 🙂


Yes I did respond to a online personal ad last night. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. I posted an ad and a picture. *gasp!* She responded. Yes she. I’m not into dating but if it has to be someone it is going to be a female. I think she responded to my message but I’m too scared to read what she wrote. WAIT…….let me do it now.

::checking the site::

She said I seemed interesting and wants to get to know me more!!!! Well I won’t be responding to that in the next hour. It will take some time. I feel more outgoing (in my way) at night. So tonight or tomorrow night I will respond.

Well this weekend all I’m doing is mowing the lawn. I’m not planning on going to the gym since mowing is cardio.

Music for the week:  Alexz Johnson, Jillette Johnson, Jay Z, Ciara, Jewel

TV for the week:  Zimmerman Trial, Big Brother 15 (YAY for Helen)

Movie of the week: I started watching Gone Baby Gone but couldn’t finish it.

Books of the week: Still Missing by Chevy Stevens,  Happy this Year by Will Bowen, Weight Training for Dummies

Goals for next week:  My goals are all about work.

3 thoughts on “I will not idly go, I got too much to fight for

  1. Not sure how tall you are? But 133 sounds good..? I suppose if you were 4 feet it would be bad though.. 🙂
    I am 125-128 most days, and am only 5 feet. I struggle to get to 115.. all the time!

    • Hi

      Thanks for commenting! I’m 5 feet 4 inches. I used to weigh between 105 and 110 about 3 years ago. So I’m having a hard time adjusting to my new weight. I know I’ll never be that thin again but 125 would be great. 😉

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