Genius of fun

I know how to get more people to read my blog.

  • Proofread what I write.
  • Be positive aka have a shiny, happy blog
  • Don’t diss the majority (sooo hard)
  • Link to other blogs.
  • Act like I like communicating.
  • Post more pictures.
  • Have a topic centered blog (gardening, weight loss, pop culture, childfree, positivity etc)

Basically don’t be myself. But don’t they tell you to always be yourself. LOL. What a joke. It doesn’t work in job interviews or with my blog. ha. I could totally fake it and pretend to be a shiny happy person. People would worship me, be inspired by me or want to be me. But why should I? I’m not getting paid to blog. I mainly blog because I don’t have friends -not a complaint!!!- and I don’t want to keep all this shit in.


I’m so glad my ebay auction went well. She loved it. It was a labor of love on my part. She even commented on how organized it was. I’m never organized but I went out of my way to make sure her package was perfect. YAY for her liking it. 🙂 I just might get into doing more selling on Ebay. (I used to sell there when it first opened but I stopped).


I don’t think I’m doing a weekly post this week. I have done nothing but worked. Well I did go to the gym today. I went to the weightlifting class (Body Pump) without eating first. My excuse was that the class started at 9AM on a holiday. I barely had time to shower much less eat something. I was so weak. I sucked more this time then I did the first time I went.

Next time I think I’m going to be in the front of the room (gasp!) since I know what this class entails. I want to be able to follow the instructor. I want to make sure my form is right etc. Afterwards, I did go to Kroger’s to buy protein bars. I will eat those when I don’t want to eat before or after class.

I didn’t go to water aerobics this week. My excuse was that it was storming and I thought class might be cancelled but that is only part of it. I was nervous about going AND I was really tired. After work, I took a long nap. So I don’t know what to do about that class. As of right now I’m making myself go next Wednesday.

My ideal schedule would be:

Tuesday: Body Pump (weight lifting)

Wednesday: water aerobics

Friday: Body Step (cardio)

I would like to fit yoga in somewhere. Maybe go on Sundays or go only twice a month. Anyhow, I’m aiming for the schedule above for next week. People are interested in my apartment…even though I haven’t updated the ad in more than a month so I might be showing the place on Sunday otherwise I do want to try yoga.

I have to take my dog to the vet on Saturday. I’m anxious about that. After all she is 16+ years old. I’m scared about what I might hear. 😦

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