strange fruit

I don’t love Starbucks coffee.  I think it is overrated and extremely overpriced. The coffee at McDonald’s (the iced coffee only) is so much better. I haven’t had coffee from either of these places recently. I can’t drink it on most days. I become extremely nauseous. I wish I could drink it though. I love the taste of it.



Someone save me from the gym!  Yes – already. I went to orientation and he broke it into two parts. WTF? Like I have all the time in the world. I have to drive another person around on Saturdays so I’m usually busy. I don’t know how this is going to work. Any day but Saturday…I think we are supposed to meet once a month (another WTF).

It wasn’t that socially awkward until he brought me over to other coworkers. I almost died. One woman probably was wondering why I was looking at her funny. She used to work where I work now! I recognized her name instantly. She clearly did not recognize me. Then she started looking at me in a mean girl way. LOL. Awkward.

The good thing is he is teaching me the weight room which is good. I do want to work on my metabolism and not getting osteoporosis. The bad thing is that everything he taught me went out of my mind as soon as he showed me. I’m so nervous that I’m just doing what he tells me without retaining it. I do want to work on weight lifting. That is why I went to a weight lifting group class after orientation. Yes, my first class at this gym was Les Mills’ Body Pump.

I wasn’t that familiar with Les Mills workouts before taking that class but I like! 25% of the class I could not do. I just laid there with the dumbbells on my chest. I was so out of it.  I have no strength. I can’t lift anything. Everything is too heavy for me. Eventually I had to take weight off the dumbbells to finish the class.

So on Saturday when he asks if I did any weight lifting I can say “Uh, well I went to body pump”. He doesn’t want me doing just cardio. I think he hates cardio. I will probably go to the body pump class weekly or every other week. I would love to work on the weight lifting machines but I have to feel comfortable enough to do it (re: almost empty gym).

I’m cramping now so no more classes this week. (I hope he doesn’t question this – ugh) Starting next week, I’m going to the gym 3 times a week. Yes I’m going back to being a gym bunny.

I have to explain to this man that I’m not rich. I hate when people don’t get something after I tell them. Personal training is way more expensive than I thought. I would love to have a personal trainer but I can’t afford that! Hello! The cheapest plan is $6.00 a day. He pointed that out. Well I don’t spend $6 a day eating out. I eat on less than $6 a day and I don’t even cook. I don’t buy coffee or sodas from the vending machine everyday either.

A personal trainer would be nice though. That is one way I would feel comfortable in the weight room. Because I have the “can’t say NO syndrome”, I did end up buying some pre-post workout forumla. Don’t laugh at me. I soooooo wanted to not buy it but he gave me 25% off. :/ Anyhow, it does have vitamins I definitely don’t get through eating. I’m drinking it for breakfast and of course before and after working out. I would rather have the weight loss drinks but he didn’t offer me that. I see it online but I’m not sure they had it in the gym.

I’m trying to think these people are full of it but I overheard a training session with two new hires. Don’t they have private offices? I heard everything. How they trick people into signing 1-2 year contracts. etc.

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