Will it be enough?

I GOT THE LOAN!!!11!!!!! 🙂 🙂

….And I said I would splurge on one thing and I did. I joined a gym. *&#$! What was I thinking? I’m ashamed to admit I signed a 2 year contract. Slap me now! I keep going back and forth on having buyer’s remorse and thinking it’s going to be fine. I DO need to get out of the house. But wait, the free gym wasn’t good enough? Uh, not really. 1.) They don’t have a pool. 2.) You can’t workout in the dark while watching a movie. How awesome is that? I read some reviews on yelp and it seems like the pool is cool though. Unlike.

I’m going to my first water aerobics class on Wednesday so I shall see. I was very glad to see that only one person was in the pool at 3:30PM. I dream of doing water aerobics/walking/running in the pool by myself (even if it is cold – ick). I think this gym might work out as long as I avoid peak hours.

The one thing I’m super nervous about is orientation on Tuesday. WHY WHY WHY? My orientation at the Y could not have been more awkward. At one point the guy was laughing -okay chuckling- at me. UGH. I hate gym orientation. I suck at people. I’m going to try my best to rush it.

I don’t know when my first workout will be. I’m busy this weekend plus I have to mow the lawn tomorrow which is just as good as anything I’ll do at the gym. Or better.  I might try a class on Monday or get on the treadmill Tuesday after orientation. I plan on going a minimum of two times a week when I mow my lawn and 3 times a week when I don’t. (I mow my lawn every other week even though I should probably do it weekly).

If I could make the Y work despite my social awkwardness, I can make this gym work. A lot of times I had to tell myself that I didn’t give a damn what anyone thought.

I go grocery shopping in 2 weeks. I will buy healthier food. The bad food is so cheap and easy to “fix”…and it tastes good. I will drink water. Lots of water. I want to lose at least 8lbs and keep it off.



My manager shocked me today. I’m going to be helping out in another department for a few months. I’m soooo nervous about this. I have never envied that department. I have even said to myself, “I’m glad I don’t do {that}”. LOL! And now I’m going to be working with them??  Woe is me. At least the training will be virtual. I have 2 apps to record the whole training session (only one day of training). It will only record the audio though. I will be taking notes like a mad man.

I can’t afford to fuck up. I just took out a loan from my 401k! No pressure. :/

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