give it up, turn it loose

What I did on my week long “vacation” from work:


  • Worked for an hour
  • Went to therapy.
  • Ate at Bob Evans restaurant for the first time. Any place that serves breakfast all day gets an ‘Awesome!’ from me.


  • Worked for an hour
  • 2nd attempt at grocery shopping (was feeling nauseous on Saturday, had to go home).
  • Worked on Project Life. May is done. I just need the photos. Working on June.


  • Went to the park for two hours.
  • rearranged the furniture in my living room. Cleaned up. (not done)


  • Visited my (legal) drug dealer. He gave me prescriptions. 😉 He weighed me. I weigh 127 lbs. I’m not happy about that but I thought I was between 130 – 135 so I’m sort of relieved. OTOH, it isn’t about the number. I need to get fit. I think my healthy weight is 120lbs. I have a small frame.
  • Went to a core class at the free gym. The class at the Y is twice as hard but it was a decent workout. I probably won’t go back due to social anxiety issues.  AWKWARD. Anyway, I do crunches about 3 times a week on my own. I’m just going to search for a good 30min core workout on youtube and do that at least twice a week.
  • Canceled my YMCA membership. 😦


  • Worked for a couple of hours.
  • Went to the Olive Garden for the first time (!!) w/my mom. I loved the atmosphere but I would feel weird going there alone. I had “Tour of Italy” which consists of lasagna,  chicken parmigiana and  fettuccine alfredo. I wanted to taste more than one thing. Next time I’m just getting the chicken alfredo. The food was okay. I can see why people who like “real” Italian food get snobby about it.

Music for the week: Patty Griffin, Demi Lovato, Goo Goo Dolls, Kanye West, Laura Marling

TV for the week: NBA Finals, MSNBC, Colbert Report, Arrested Development

Movie of the week: 11:14 (uh, it was okay. Other people loved it so…I recommend it??)

Books of the week: Deadly Little Secrets & The Law of Divine Compensation: On Work, Money, and Miracles

Goals I came up with this week: Give up drinking soda (again) & make a terrarium

Overall it was a much needed break and sort of relaxing week since I didn’t have to work. I better enjoy it since I won’t have anymore time off until September! I still have a work email I have been dreading. DREADING. I don’t wanna compose it. Don’t make me……

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