Please still my heart

One person didn’t show up for the apartment showing. Thanks for making me get over there at 10:20 for nothing. But that may not matter. The woman who promised to show at noon came. And she loved the apartment! She was visualizing where to put furniture. She was awesome. 😉 I’m pretty sure she could get approved…but she has to apply. I hope nothing changes her mind.

No neighbors were there. How lucky! One neighbor left 15 minutes before and the other guy has his kid(s) this weekend. They are loud. I’m so glad they left before she got there. I could never rent to a single person (with no kids) with a bunch of kids running around. The first lady I showed the apartment to asked me about kids in the neighborhood. I’m so glad I’m not the only person who doesn’t really want to live around kids. I feel less weird. 🙂 I’m nervous/weary about what will go on where I live now when the kids get out of school.

I should know by Monday or Tuesday what she has decided. So nervous. She is my only hope. I was so depressed. I can’t keep paying for the apartment. ::crossing fingers::

I was supposed to post pics in this entry but I can’t find my camera. I also need to find my camera to start an ebay auction. I haven’t sold on ebay in about 3 years….

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