lego house

OMG. I just did it. I posted my apartment on Craigslist. ::scared shitless:: What if people, like, respond? Oh dear. I stated I would be available to show it on Sunday. NERVOUS. I’m too scared to check my email. Who knows what kind of questions people will have. After I post this entry, I think I’m going to take a nap and then check my email. OH NO!!!!!11!!!!!!!11

No pics of “my” house because I can’t get the living room straight enough.

I know what it is like to get what you have always wanted and then you start wondering when you are going to lose it. This isn’t the first time I’ve ever felt this way. Having someone knock on your door and insisting that their friend says this place is up for rent doesn’t help. (PARANOID ALERT). What really feeds into my insecurity is the landlord…I should have called him back. Then this wouldn’t be going on. He said he wanted to meet. That hasn’t happened.

I only was offered a 6 month lease. That may be for the best in the long run. ($$) But I can’t help but feel like he might not renew because he doesn’t like me. Or maybe just paying the rent and keeping the yard up are the main things. I hope so.

Speaking of the yard, I saw a snake yesterday! That was my first real snake spotting. (I have only seen them at zoos etc.) It was a long, dark colored snake. Probably a garden snake. I’m not afraid of snakes but I must admit that startled me. I was getting into my car and I heard something jump. And there it was. The thing that would terrify me is if I saw one in the house. I would freak out.

I sold my push mower to my mom because it just wasn’t going to work. And I got a real lawnmower. I hired someone from Craigslist to put it together. I put the other mower together but this one was difficult. I gave up after 20 minutes. It took him an hour to assemble it and I don’t think he was expecting that.

I’m so nervous after posting the ad. I really need to get rid of the apartment though. So scared/worried.

I’ll be back.

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