Project Life: March & April

I used flair for the first time. 🙂 Before all of this moving stuff was even about to happen I brought a mix of Project Life stuff from Ebay. In these layouts I used things from the following kits: Olive, Seafoam, Jade, Blush, & Turquoise.  I’m surprised by how much I love the Jade kit. The cards from the new kits are definitely thinner then what “old timers” are used to. I also used two pieces of flair from Studio Calico. And as always I used things from Memory Works. (Private photos are turned over).


project life


  • I got a free newspaper and decided to clip some headlines.
  • I finished reading a book by Pema Chodron.
  • I took my dog to get a pedicure. She needs another one.

project life

  • March continued…I went to the beach.
  • I did water aerobics alone in the hotel. The water was so warm. I have yet to get into a pool that warm since.
  • Justin Timberlake’s album came out. Rolling Stone loved it. I do too.

project life

  • I saw this to die for yellow dress. It was so fierce, I took a pic of it. I didn’t buy it but I wanted to. I added a “must have” button from Studio Calico.
  • Coach Shaka Smart decided to stay at VCU. I included it because it made me happy and it shocked me.


(A lot happened in April. I didn’t have time to document much…)

project life

  • Chris Hayes’ show debuted. I watch most of it every night when I’m near a TV.
  • I went to see my “dreamhouse“. I will be sort of moving in any day now. I can’t wait! May will be full of moving (and camping) photos.
project life


  • I went to the beach again. heh.
  • I started watching Mad Men from the beginning. Season 1 and 2 are great. Season 3 is bad so far. I wonder how many viewers did they lose? I prefer watching TV shows in a marathon type of way versus watching it weekly on TV. I’m too impatient and forgetful for that. I included a pic of the fashions from the show because I love it. I especially love the skirts.

May will have a ton of photos if I can remember to always carry my camera! All of my project life posts can be found here.

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