Kaleidoscope Dream

I, like, totally got the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG. YAY!

Project Life post next but for now let me blog about “my” house. I went by there today after work. I had no idea I would be able to get in and walk around. Too bad I didn’t have my digital camera, but I did take some lower quality pics. I still can’t believe it.  I even smiled to myself a few times which is very unusual for me.

I will have better pics later, but I’m still going to post some crappy ones for now.

I’m really worried that there still isn’t a stove.  I was told the landlord was going to buy one. But the house is basically done, and if it weren’t raining every day, I could move in on Saturday. (To do one last install they need three days of no rain). Anyhow if he was going to buy a stove, I have a feeling it would already be there. How long can I live without a stove? I may be finding out. Thank Buddha for the microwave. The other bad thing is NO CLOSETS. I mean absolutely none. How weird is that? I didn’t realize that the first time I saw the house. I wouldn’t have worried so much about someone else wanting it if I had known that. How many people are willing to live without any closets. No pantry. No place to hang your clothes etc.

There are two bedrooms and a ‘formal’ dining room. So I’m turning one of the bedrooms into a closet/stuff room. The dining room will be my home office. Picture time. Here is the living room:





What will be my walk in closet:



These shelves will be above my bed. I have always wanted something like this. (crappy quality. sorry)


Shelves in the living room:


Why that’s nice. Now back to reality. I’m off for a week in early June. I hope to get away for at least 2 days but the rest of the time I plan to have a couple of open houses for my apartment. I plan to start renting it July 1 (if I can find someone). I don’t know when I will officially move. I have to pack first. I just know I plan to start working at the house ASAP. No furniture, no problem. I think Friday is my last day in the office. As of right now, it is back to my apartment to work on Monday. I’m terrified ….. but I know it won’t be for long. I can’t let my work slip up at all, though. If it would stop raining, I could move on Saturday but it doesn’t look like that is in the plans.

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