Gamble all i got, no plan B

I don’t know where to begin. I’ll start here: I broke my laptop. I was already having the cooling fan problems. Then I dropped it on the ground. I’m probably taking it to the shop tomorrow.

I can’t do a long entry on this thing so..

  • I’m currently at the beach. Loving the beach & the weather. Rockin’ the maxi dress. 🙂
  • I don’t have the house! I thought I did. How naive. Just because I paid my deposit doesn’t mean I have it for sure. I get to see the house Saturday morning. I hope I get to know something definite on Saturday. I’m ready to sign.
  • this thing is so hard to do an entry on. Argh!
  • wow I got my first child free attack. I have to blog about this later. Apparently I don’t have a life cause I don’t have kids. Lol. she should see what I have to deal with. She already knows that at minimum I have social anxiety so that makes her comments foolish.

i can’t type on this thing anymore. I hope I get the house…if I don’t already have it. And I hope I can get my laptop fixed.

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