guess it’s funnier from where you’re standing

I’m in such big trouble! Um, not really. This is me being dramatic. (Shocking). I have my monthly therapy appointment on Tuesday…..and OMG. I have just sucked! Look at my blog. I went to the beach for Buddha’s sake. Wow, what do I say? haha. Obviously I’m going to tell the truth but I can’t believe it has been a month and ZERO progress. I regressed. This appointment will be interesting. I should keep up with when my appointments are. If I hadn’t gotten the voicemail, I would have missed it.

I did stay at my apartment on a Thursday night which was huge to me considering what happened the last time I was there on a Thursday. Nothing bad happened this past Thursday. So the new motto is: Something bad can happen any day. You never know….

How is that for being optimistic?


I wanted to go to a new-to-me water aerobics class today. I got up at 5:30AM. Worked a little. Then went to the Y. Only two people were in the water so I thought, “even if there is no class, I get to walk/jog in the water”. I opened the door to the pool and I kept seeing “6FT”. I’m looking around for the shallow part of the pool…Um, there wasn’t a shallow part. Unless you call 6 feet shallow. The pool was 6-9 feet. LOL. I would have drowned! I can’t do anything in that kind of water. Too bad because it looked really nice.

Their facility is really nice. They even give you towels (!!). I got lost a few times. The major drawback is no parking. Well it was a pleasant visit. I doubt I go back since I can’t get in the water and if I want to sleep in, there would be no place to park. I did get on the treadmill for 15 minutes because I wanted to do something while I was there.


I know I’m supposed to be in apartment rehab but I have at least two trips already planned. One is paid for. *Slap me with a splintered ruler*. A hotel at the beach where I usually stay sent me an email saying one night for $48! I didn’t believe it. An oceanfront hotel SUITE for $48??? The only catch is you have to stay during April and not on the weekends. Well who has 2 days off  in April? Moi. So I booked it. That means no John Mayer concert for sure but I’m somewhat okay with that. 😉

The second place I want to go is camping in a “cabin” for my birthday (in May). I haven’t paid for that yet. I put cabin in quotes because it looks just like a house to me. This trip would be special because my dog gets to go! I have never taken my dog anywhere. Does that make me a bad mom? She’s about 16 years old and she has never been on vacation 😦 I think this will be so fun.

I haven’t paid for that yet because I have so many other things to pay for.  I might need a new laptop. Major bummer. Something is wrong with my cooling fan. Best Buy wants to ship it out for 2 weeks. I’m trying to find someone who can fix it without it being shipped away. I work on my laptop 30% of the time. I sort of need it. I definitely need 4 new tires before I go to the beach so I better get on that ASAP.


Project Life geek alert!

I combined my 2012 pages with what I have so far for 2013 into one binder. Holy Moly! It is heavy and awkward now. I can see why some people need two or three binders for *one* year. Geez. I won’t be carrying it around. That’s for sure. But I like having everything in one album. It also motivates me to take more photos, journal more etc.  I have so many pictures for March. I have to narrow it down.

To everyone who got the Blush edition and/or Jade edition of Project Life from HSN….I secretly hate you. But I would never tell you that to your face. 🙂  I want something shiny and new too! If the Cinnamon or Rain edition were offered, I would have brought a kit. 😦 As of right now I’m considering buying Cinnamon when it is released in May and use it right away. For 2014, I will probably buy Rain and use a mixture of everything I have. I don’t yearn for my pages to color coordinate so that will work for me.

Since I can’t find anyone to swap with, I’m planning on selling a mixture of the core kits in June on Ebay: (Cherry, turquoise, wellington*, & cinnamon*). It will have anywhere from 200-300 cards. I’m sure someone will LOVE this. I wish more people would do this. I want a mixture! I would kill for a mix of clementine, olive, and seafoam.

*I don’t have wellington yet but I asked for it for my birthday. Obviously I don’t have cinnamon because it hasn’t been released. I’m assuming there will be some cards I won’t use.

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