Project Life: January & February

January spreads:

project life


  • Ray Lewis announced his retirement.
  • I brought some dishes from the Goodwill.
  • Kim & Kanye announced they were expecting! lol. I don’t usually get excited about baby announcements but it was big news and that is the best pic of them I’ve ever seen. 😉
project life


  • The teams playing in the Super Bowl were announced.
  • The Oscar nominations were announced.
  • I read a great book: “Welcome to your crisis
  • I went to my first class at the Y. It was a yoga class and it didn’t go well. I never went back to that particular class but I’m still going to the Y 2-3 times a week.
  • I brought my first EVER bathing suit. I only wore it once because later I found a great one piece online.
project life


  • I brought a newspaper. heh. I could have snipped a lot of things from that paper but I didn’t want to start another January page so I only included two headlines.
  • I started rereading “The Power of Now” by Tolle.
  • The pic of my dog was actually taken in February. Shhh!


project life

project life

  • The Superbowl happened. My Baltimore Ravens won! Still unbelievable.
  • I brought a chaise lounge chair. I work from there for a couple of hours every weekday.
project life

project life

  • I went to the library near where I live for the first time. I checked out way too many books.
  • “Argo” won best pic at the Oscars. The Oscars were so boring this year.
  • Debbie Ford (author) passed away. She got me started reading self help books. I still think her book “Dark Side of the Light Chasers” is one of the best self help books ever written.
project life


  • Lakers’ owner Jerry Buss died.
  • I watched season one of “Girls”.

(private photo turned over)

8×10 insert of Ravens Superbowl win:


Sometimes I’m glad I keep Project Life simple. But other times I wish I had all the stuff to be creative. I just don’t want to spend more money on PL. Since I did two months of spreads in two days, I’m so thankful that I kept it simple this time. I’m going to try to take more pics in the future. I have already taken a ton of pics during this month.

All of my project life posts can be found here.

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