goodbye, goodbye

I’m just putting this out there…Does anyone want to do a Project Life core kit swap? I have 3×4 cards from the cherry edition and turquoise edition. I would really like 3×4 journal cards from the clementine and olive editions. Seafoam is okay too. I have about 5-10 of each of card. That probably equals at least 50 3×4 cards.  I’m not at home so I can’t count the cards right now. So if anyone is up to swapping 50 or 100 journal cards (just let me know which quantity), let me know. Just leave a comment on this entry. (offer does not expire so if you find this entry 6 months later, that’s fine).

Speaking of PL, for March I had nothing until this weekend. I actually took my camera out! Wow, what a difference that makes. I’m excited for March now. I should be able to post my January and February layouts this weekend.


I’ve noticed that I’m becoming spoiled when it comes to food. Not in a food snob way but in a “I only want something filling” way. I used to be fine with just eating a breakfast bar, now I want real food. I need to break that habit. Food costs money. Plus what I’m eating isn’t always nutritious.  I’m thinking about eating chicken everyday (because it is cheaper and healthier than some things I consume). For breakfast I’ll stick with the sugary oatmeal or boiled eggs. I can’t believe I actually eat breakfast now. If I ever start eating 3 times a day…wow! 🙂


The TV show Girls and privilege

I’m sure there are tons of blog posts and maybe even papers on this topic but I haven’t read them. I thought all the talk of a bunch of white girls on a tv show was silly. After all it is just ONE show. Who cares? If someone (Lena Dunham) wants to create a show full of white people, that’s okay. However, after watching the show and thinking of my favorite topic: privilege, I can see the bigger picture.

Girls is just like real life. Not the content of the show but how it came together. All of the “girls” on the show got their gig due to privilege. Why didn’t any black or Asian girls get on the show? Because Lena only hired her friends…and people who weren’t desperate for work.* Who is desperate for work? People without money, people who don’t have parents who can support them.

*insert footnote: Rolling Stone interview February 2013

It is like real life. How many people get their jobs through knowing someone versus just blindly applying? To many this isn’t a big deal but if you don’t know anyone IT IS A HUGE *&^#ing deal. Trust me. How are people from the bottom ever supposed to get to the top if people only hire their Harvard friends??? As most people know, now people from the lower class have an even harder time making it to the middle.

Twilight of the Elites: America After Meritocracy by Christopher Hayes does a great job (with stats!) on this topic.

Back to Girls: I still don’t think one TV show with the main characters being white is a big deal. I just love how this show reflects real life. This is the privilege people don’t like to talk about. They won’t admit it. Instead they will talk of their struggles. “Yes my parents paid for my college tuition but it was I studied soooooo hard”. “My parents give me money to start a business but I had to work hard to keep it up”. Please! Wake up. How do they think other people live? People should really read Chris Hayes’ book to find out WHY people are this way. Why the elites will never cop to being elite. They will always talk about how hard something was.

One thing that makes me appreciate Lena Dunham is that she is fully aware of the privilege. She doesn’t come up with excuses. I don’t hate the elite, I just want them to admit it. It isn’t her fault that she went to a great private school. But to have not have empathy for the “others” is the problem.

This is my badly written essay on Girls and privilege.