I’ll be your clown

I don’t know what to say. All I’m trying to do is keep my head above water at work. I’m beyond stressed out. I’m working on the weekend (for no pay) and I’m still sinking! This shouldn’t be happening but hello, reality – it is happening. How many times and ways can I ask for help? You didn’t train us properly and then you don’t let me practice so I forget stuff. It takes forever for me to get in any kind of flow. Our management should read about flow. It is discussed in many books. I was in the flow for part of Friday and it was a relief but in the back of my mind, I was still worried about the problems. Switching a person from one thing to another after not doing it for weeks is not flow, baby. I should shut up now.

Home life is sucking too. I don’t like to blog/talk it about because no one can help me. My therapist (who I see once a month) can’t help me. I’m doomed. So just ignore that I even mentioned it.


I ordered my pics for my January and February Project Life spreads. I ordered from Shutterfly so I should have the layups posted in two weeks or so…… 😉 I think I have a good mix of pop culture and personal pics. I can’t believe it is March already. I feel so behind.


I have this new idea that I think will be fun. I don’t think it will be a money maker in anyway but you never know. People always say “Do what you love and the money will come”. Well, I love listening to music and reading. NO MONEY. heh. Anyhow, I’m excited about how enjoyable it might be. I have to write out a plan in my paper journal. Something tells me I should get started right away. I might share some of what I’m doing on this blog but I won’t share the website(s) I’m creating. That would TMI. I can’t mix this blog with anything professional. Not that it will be generating money, I want it to appear professional.


I’m rethinking this YMCA thing. I’ve been a gym bunny for about 5 weeks. I mostly only leave my apartment to go to the gym. (I work at home). I love the Y that is 15-20 minutes from me but I can’t justify using all that gas. Gas is so expensive right now! There is a Y that is 5 minutes from my house but eh, it isn’t as good. Of course. It is small. Less people are in the classes. I like more people most of the time…not always.

I’m changing my gym schedule again.

Sundays:  alternate between treadmill and yoga (Tomorrow is treadmill)

Mondays: water aerobics (at the nice gym – only when I can justify the cost of gas)

Wednesdays: alternate between yoga and water aerobics (this week water aerobics)

And I don’t know what else right now. Yoga isn’t working for me right now. I can’t find a class I love. I know nothing will be perfect. blah, blah. Trust me, the water aerobics class is far from perfect. I’ve just taken yoga at other studios and have had better experiences. ick. I don’t know. There aren’t enough evening options. I could even do midday but no options there either.

One thing I have to point out: I’ve been blogging about how I need to do cardio and strength training. HELLO??? What is water aerobics? We use weights. I love that part. That is what keeps me going back. I wish the whole class involved weights. Of course there is cardio while doing water aerobics. What was I thinking? lol.


I’m going to write out a business type plan for my websites while watching the movie: Tiny Furniture. Lena Dunham stars in it and directed it. She probably wrote it too but I can’t be bothered to check the link out again. It is supposed to be really good. I have a feeling I will be able to relate to this movie. Bye.