Bigger the better

First let me give my thoughts on parenting:

  • If parenting is easy, the person isn’t doing it right. When it is done right, it is one of the hardest responsibilities a person can choose to take on.
  • American society encourages everyone to be a parent (as long as you can afford it). I feel very strongly that this is the wrong attitude to have.
  • I don’t believe parents should get a pass because “they are doing the best they can”. Think about it: Where else in life do you get a pass because you are doing your best? LOL.

Let’s talk about O. I have noticed that she treats her cat, her kid, and her elderly parents the same way. She is only concerned with the basic needs of parenting. This makes me so mad. She doesn’t care about the emotional needs of her cat, her kid or her parents. IMO, these people should not be parents!!! If a person doesn’t understand emotional needs, please don’t multiply.


O only provides her cat with shelter, food, water etc. She doesn’t care about what is good for the cat in other ways. Does this make sense or does it sound silly? I’ll try again. With her parents -once again- she only provides food and shelter. She doesn’t care that her parents emotional/social needs aren’t being met. They have no one to talk to? Who cares? I give them food. THIS IS NOT ENOUGH. Ugh, how can people not care about social needs? What about mental stimulation?

The same thing with her child. It is so sad to me. Are we living in a world where this is okay? Doing the minimum when it comes to parenting is okay???! Parenting sure is easier this way.

I noticed the pattern with O. When you treat your cat, your kids, and your parents the same way, there is definitely a pattern.

I had to blog about this. When something is on my mind like this, I have to get it out or I will be thinking about it until I put it somewhere. (Sometimes paper works). This is why I have a blog. To rant about stuff like this: things I don’t see other people talking about.

I know this post comes across judgmental. But shouldn’t we have standards when it comes to parenting? We just encourage people to be parents with no accountability. Oh, we were meant to multiply. This is natural. Even if a person will suck at it, they should still do it. Or humans were meant to be parents, you won’t screw up too much. Please!

This is one reason why people are so screwed up. I wish I could talk to O and she would just change. But a deep seated pattern like this? ick. I don’t know if she can even grasp the concept.

My point is emotional and social needs are very important.

/end rant

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