Water is wide

I went to my first ever water aerobics class. OMG. I’m so glad I did not watch youtube videos beforehand. I would have been terrified. I probably wouldn’t have tried until I learned how to swim. Normally I would try to find out everything possible before doing something new. I didn’t do it for water aerobics and that is a good thing. I can’t swim…AT ALL. I have never been in the water like that! Some of the time it was quite scary.

But it was enjoyable when I could figure out what the instructor was doing and I wasn’t afraid of drowning. Not being able to see the instructor’s legs is a major downside. I loved when she got out of the water (rare) and showed us what to do. I get why she would want to stay in the water but as a newbie, it sucks.

She kept trying to get me in 4ft of water but I pretty much stayed in 3ft. People don’t understand. Try NEVER being in water and hang out for an hour in 4feet of water. Scary. She also got on me about keeping my back straight. Well I have scoliosis and bad posture so…??? I get that in yoga too.

I wish I could take her class again. She was very nice. She only teaches day classes so with work that is kind of hard. I will try a evening class with another instructor. I hope she is nice and gentle too. 🙂

It isn’t that hard for me to try things I really want to do ONCE (with the meds – heh). The problem is going back the second time. I hate being a regular. I don’t like being familiar. But I will try again.

If things go as planned I would like to go to the Y three times a week. Once for water aerobics and twice a week for yoga. (Sunday, Wednesday, & Thursday). That is a lot for a homebody like me. I don’t go out just to go out. I only like to go out to travel. I love to travel but I won’t get into that here.

I’m kind of panicking. If I don’t find/receive my 1040A (tax form from last year) by Feb. 1, I will have to cancel. I can’t afford the high rate.