Project Life Nov & Dec

Finally! I’m not at home so I was able to move about and get the final of 2012 done. This is supposed to be simple. I don’t feel like I’m making it hard but maybe I am. Before I post the spreads – I JOINED THE Y!!!1!!!!1 As in the YMCA. I was supposed to join another gym but the guy never called me back. I am a little bummed about that because I was so excited to take the meditative class. Do you know how long I’ve been looking for a meditative class? For at least 3 years. 😦

However, I am excited about the Y because I get to do water aerobics! YAY. 🙂 I was told that I did not need to know how to swim to do water aerobics (since the water is only 3 feet). IF I can find something to wear, I am going to my first class on Tuesday or Wednesday.  (What do people wear to water aerobics? I have no clue). My first real class will be yoga on Sunday. Yes I am nervous. I have a lot more to blog about but this is supposed to be my Project Life post so…


The last week of November:

project life

I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

In December I started doing Project Life by month. These are the December spreads:

project life

December page 2 (my fave albums of the year) –

proeject life

December page 3

project life

Thanks Elise for the quote cards! They came out so great. I looooove them. Yep the top card is from Ali Edwards (don’t have a link for that).

Last page of December:

project life

I really don’t like the last page. Too much filler but ugh, I had to get this done somehow. That’s it. Whew. A lot of pop culture in these pics. I only had to turn one personal pic over.


This is for Project Life geeks only:

Have you seen the new kits???? I know you have. ODMDLDFKD FDF DF D. 😉 They come out in May and my birthday is in May. At first I was going to ask for a new kit but now, not to be a total downer, I’m realizing that a person only needs the kit if they journal everyday on the 3×4 cards. It is a lot of waste if you don’t use the cards. Waste of space/product and waste of money. But if I can’t think of anything else for my birthday (doubtful), I will ask for one of the new kits…maybe. I really just need the grid cards. They are cheap and do the job.

But I still love them. As of right now, I would have to say the Cinnamon Edition is my favorite. I would like to see more of Rain. I also like Midnight. I just don’t want to spend money on it just because. The binders are the best. I drooled over the binders more than the kits.  Once again, I don’t “need” one. My current binder can hold 2-3 years. I love, love the new cinnamon binder. If I would have known they were coming out, I might have not gotten such a huge binder.

I also love the mini albums. I might put my old photos in one of those instead of in my 2012 binder. I have a lot of room left in my 2012 album because I started in September. Or maybe if I go on a trip where I take a ton of photos, I will use one of the minis as a travel album. I have my eyes on the cherry one.

Yeah I know Seafoam and the Olive editions are already out. I want to compare Seafoam with the new kits coming out in May before I make a decision. At this point I’m leaning towards not getting anymore kits. 😦 I’m “making” my own title cards for 2013 so all I need are the lined 3×4 cards. No full kits needed. Remember LESS is my word for the year…even if I’m failing at it in many ways.

Project Life geekery. yeah. okay, bye.