These four walls

I can’t believe I really moved! I might post better “after” pics later or I might just save them for Project Life. πŸ˜‰

Here is my messy office:

already messy

already messy

Poinsettias are my favorite. The only thing festive about this place:

My half bath:

love this spot ;)

love this spot πŸ˜‰

view of the place from the doorway on day 1

moving day

moving day

Living Room:

full bath:

full bath

My bedroom (I rarely use this space):


I am trying to get a yoga spot set up soon. I am sooooo tense living here (more on that later). My body aches. I just need to find my yoga mat or buy another. I feel blessed that I think I have a time when I can do yoga without feeling the usual stress of apartment living. I’m trying a program called “yoga to the rescue” Amen! It is for neck and back pain. Check & check. I also have bad shoulder pain.

Work is so stressful right now. Monday and Tuesday were the most stressful days I think I ever had. Today is a little better (hence a blog post!)

More later.

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