I’ll still be there

My one little word will be LESS. Yes, I stole that word from someone else. 😉 But it is an awesome “little word”. I believe One Little Word (OLW) originated with Ali Edwards. (I say believe because I saw it everywhere but couldn’t figure out who started it, then I saw her post so I guess it is her). She has a workshop called One Little Word that I would join but I’m spending LESS. So no class for me.


I love it! I’m kind of starting now but my real date is December 15, 2012. I should have started earlier. lol. Before I brought this and that.

  • Less spending
  • Less stuff
  • Less time in the house (since I work at home, I need to get out)
  • Less time surfing the net
  • Less prepared foods
  • Less sugar
  • Less worrying

Etc. Etc. Do More with less. Yes. Less is better. My new motto. I’m going to put that picture (a journaling card) in my Project Life album for December. I might make a new one for 2013. Yes, I am going to incorporate my OLW into my Project Life album. That should keep me motivated. Actually I’m not having trouble at all finding stuff to do for my December layouts. Lots of pics and journaling. I had to pack all my project life stuff today. 😦 How will I carry on until Saturday?

I have been cleaning and packing all day…..and I’m still not done.

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