Project Life – November

When I was 11 or 12, I started my first scrapbook. It was all pop culture (mostly music related stuff). Well now I kind of want to go back into that. The only difference is now I’m not that into pop culture. I don’t worship any celebrities anymore. That makes me officially old. 😦

Anyhow, I just think I’ll be more interested in what was going on in the world in 3 years than what was going on in my life. I’m expecting a lot more focus on news and maybe on sports in my future layouts. For example this week, I’m thinking about including Susan Rice in my layout. And I’ll write a little about what is going on with her. But then again I don’t want  my scrapbook to be too impersonal. I need a good mixture.

Here is an overview of November 5 – 18 2012

2 week overview

Close up of the week of November 5

week of the election

I could have done a lot more on the election with all the stuff I got in the mail. Yes I did vote for Obama. NO I do not support him on a lot of things. The drones. etc. It annoys me when people like um, The President says he has a mandate to do something just because he won. Uh, no I don’t think so. Not with my vote. Anyway….

Week of November 12

I turned over a private photo. The only pop culture thing in this layout is the top ten songs on iTunes. I’m going to label these photos later. I could not find a pen when I was doing the final touches. Sad but true. :/

I’m not done with the week of Thanksgiving but it only needs one more pic, so I’ll post it anyway:

lincoln week

I also have to do the title card.

Starting December 2012 and in all of 2013, I am going to do Project Life on a monthly basis. Doing it weekly is all too much. I love PL, but now I can understand why people quit doing it. I felt silly stressing so much over this hobby. Instead of quitting, I am going to just take pictures when I take pics. No more forced picture taking. Since I don’t have a good camera phone, I can go a week without even taking a pic. The weekly thing is too much pressure.

I don’t know how this will affect my journaling. That is one of the things I love about PL. I think I will have a routine where I journal at the same time. When I was doing it weekly, I would try to set things up on Sundays…I don’t know. I just feel less anxious about the whole thing if I just see what pics I have on a monthly basis. I even thought about giving it up but I’m too invested now. I have to do it for 2013.

Ideally I would like to post my layouts once a month but I don’t print photos that often. I will probably post 2-3 months at a time starting in 2013. And who knows? In 2014 if I’m still doing it, I might just scrapbook without dates in mind. It sounds kind of nice to just put whatever in my scrapbook whenever I want and wherever. But I’m committed to doing 2013 monthly.

Read about Project Life here. I am using the Cherry Edition.

One more photo:

look @ storm!

Excuse the mess. That is the only spot I have for the new tank. It is 5 gallons – believe it or not. It is definitely better to get a horizontal tank if you have room. There is Storm, the betta fish. If you look closely at the bottom of the aquarium near the sponge bob cave, you can see one of the frogs. I think that’s Michelle. 🙂


Ohhh! The topic in this week’s Project Real Life class is decluttering! I have a lot to say about that. 🙂 Coming soon.

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