I blogged about this article in my social anxiety blog.

Social Anxiety Disorder in the Workplace This is me. This is my story. One thing that really got me was the following:

Too often, the research shows, employees with this are more likely to be terminated by companies.

“It’s easier to get rid of somebody who nobody knows very well. They don’t play on the softball team or don’t eat lunch with their co-workers,” according to Himmler. “It’s hard for them to demonstrate value because people with Social Anxiety Disorder have trouble sharing their accomplishments. And when they make mistakes, it’s very difficult for them to tell others about them. So mistakes get repeated.”

His research shows that employees who leave the workforce because of social anxiety have a more difficult time returning to work than people with alcoholism or depression.

Because it has happened to me. But I’m working now. What about everyone else? If you think unemployment is high for “normal” people. What do you think it is for people with social anxiety? I can’t help but get frustrated.

I can’t find the article now but there was this great piece on how Royce White, a NBA player with general anxiety, OCD ,and  PTSD is fined for not showing up to a team thing but Derrick Rose who has an injured leg is given months and months to heal. Both are seeing doctors regularly and “rehabbing” but just because Rose’s injury is PHYSICAL, it is okay for him to miss time. You have a mental issue: You’re fired. I’m sure most people are fine with this but I’m not.

Just suck it up. Exercise more. —- worked for me, it would work for you. Smoke weed (lol). Don’t smoke weed (I agree for me). Don’t take medicine, take herbs instead. etc, etc. All these people think they know what is best for EVERYONE. They think there is a simple solution. For some there are simple solutions, for others that is not so. Everyone is different. When will people learn? Never. I know.

Anyhow, I hope Royce White is not fired. I hope the NBA works out for him. I think they are still trying to work things out. But the NBA (like most people) don’t have a lot of patience for mental illness. I wish him the best.


Okay, I haven’t done Project Real Life in 3 weeks. So here goes. I have no idea whether that link works for people not in the class. PRL is a class by Becky Higgins.

Last week’s topic was Nuturing Your Inner Homemaker. Well I can’t wait to do that once I move. One thing I can’t get out of my mind is how anxious I will be being alone for the first time in the apartment. I should probably plan something to do because otherwise I will go nuts. I probably won’t have TV or internet. No distractions. Scary.

Anyhow, I do yearn to make my next place a home. I sorta, kinda did it with my house but it eventually got too cluttered. I did well for about 2-3 years. Then deep depression took over and even though it got better (thanks to Abilify), I could never get the place clean again. I went back to the house 2 weeks ago and it was just so cold and empty. I couldn’t go back there if I wanted to.

So my main goal is just a clutter free place. Of course I wish I could buy the stuff I wanted. I saw this nice Buddha statue for $25. I couldn’t justify buying it but it would make my living room so complete.  I’ll just settle for clutter free. I also wished I cooked more (only because it would be healthier). I don’t know. That might happen.

I did buy a trunk/ottoman from Ross which I will be using as a coffee table. I can’t use a regular coffee table. I would just put stuff on it.

my new coffee table

I wanted it in brown but they didn’t have one. When you open my “coffee table”, it looks like this:

The place has hardwood floors downstairs so I brought that small rug for my office chair. Don’t worry I have the receipt in case I don’t move!

Speaking of Project Life. My mom wanted to re-size a few photos so I printed a few of my photos along with hers and I will have a couple of layouts to post soon. Well not so soon. I used slow ass Shutterfly so I say in about 10 days I will post my next layouts. I’m focusing more on pop culture/news then my own life these days. I’ll go into it more when I post the actual layouts.

What I really need to be doing is concentrating on actually moving. I am supposed to move in 25 days. Have I done anything? ugh. I have moved so many times, It isn’t even a big deal to me. The longest place I stayed was at my house for 5 years. Before that I moved every year. I have to get on the ball over the holiday. I’m working overtime on Friday for half a day. Yay! (not sarcasm)

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