I think you already know my name

Well I said I would be extremely lucky to get this townhouse. I GOT IT! Time will tell about the lucky part. lol. Who knows what this will bring? I know some things will change. I will have to be miss frugal again. The last time I lived in an apartment, I didn’t have cable the whole time. I didn’t get bored but I hated not having background noise. However, I have to have cable now since I work at home. I need it for the internet so that will not be cut. Who cares about that? I’m freaking moving in 1 month!!

I went by there today. I forgot to ask one question: How much is rent? How could I forget that? She said I’m going to have a washer and dryer. Hmmm, the website says those are for lease only so I’m worried that my rent might be on the high side of the maximum.

The place is gorgeous on the inside. The outside is kinda dreary. All of the units were renovated in 2012. I got lucky once again…They only have TEN one bedroom units (out of 200 units). As you probably can guess these are very rarely up for lease. But one of the tenents wife is pregnant and they are moving to a two bedroom unit next month. Yay, for pregnancy! Good timing on my part. Luck or bad news? Sorry I’m not an optimist. (obvs)

Here is the floor plan. I’m super excited about the 1.5 baths. Why do I need 1.5 baths? I don’t. 😉


Here are more pics. Everything looks exactly like these pictures.

full bath

This is supposed to be a dining room. It will be my work at home office. I love how it is actually separate from the living room.

dining room

My favorite place is definitely the kitchen (even though I don’t cook much). Love the appliances.

The living room. I’m still trying to figure where I will put what.

The bedroom. I didn’t get a chance to look at how much closet space I will have. I know it has more space than my house so it is definitely enough.

The patio. I’m sorry but I hate it. No privacy whatsoever.


So there it is. Of course I will post pics once I move in. I think I’m going for the bare look. Even though I have enough room, I’m not taking furniture I don’t like so I basically have nothing but that is fine.  I wanted to blog about something completely different but the whole apartment thing happened…:)

I do have tons of fear, mostly about noise. Apartments have not been my friend in the past but this is a townhouse so I’m hoping for the best. (LUCK!)

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