We are never ever getting back together

Like ever.

“You have worked too hard  just to give up your good credit”. – realtor

Yeah, well I never thought of it that way. Most people around me laugh at the concept of good credit. I have heard on more than one occasion, “Who has good credit?” I’m about to give that all away…unless my house sells in 30 days. I never saw good credit as work. I was just lucky enough to not lose my job. If you live pay check to pay check and you lose your job, guess what? Your credit is probably going to suck. I’ve been fortunate to be working for 10+ years plus. I have had moments of unemployment. (let go because of not being social enough CHECK). But I haven’t been unemployed really long plus I have always been a saver.

Anyhow, I’ve come to the conclusion that I must pay something to the universe for this house. She -the universe- won’t just let me off the hook for a bad decision. I either have to

  • lose all my savings (if the house sells)
  • have bad credit (if the house doesn’t sell)

At this point, I just kind of want to get rid of the house and I will take the bad credit as long as I can rent a townhouse afterwards. I’m not buying a house again probably ever so that isn’t an issue. Lose all my money or get bad credit? It isn’t like it is completely up to me. I only have 30 days to sell. What are the chances someone will buy in 30 days????! We did lower the price (that is why I’m losing money if it sells) so a few more people might LOOK at the house. But buy?

Even the bank is encouraging me to just give the give the house up. What do they care about my credit? lol. It would be such a relief to get rid of the house but at what cost?

It is all up in the air.


My other uncle died yesterday. The one who didn’t have health insurance until recently. 😦 Two uncles/brothers died a week apart. 😦 😦  (mentioning this because I blogged about him once or twice before).


I’ve been working on my Oaxaca Project Life spreads a little everyday. I have all my journaling from my travel journal done. I just need the photos. Even though I’ve trashed Shutterfly.com in the past (they are soooooo slow), I will probably use them again. I just have to order them 10 days before I actually want them. I tried Walgreens and I hated their quality. At least the quality at shutterfly is good. I also have 25 free prints at Persnickety Prints. I hear they are great but I have more than 25 pictures right now so I’m not sure when I’m going to use them.

Who needs Photoshop when you can download Picasa for free? Thanks Google. I spent time playing with that today:

food from Oaxaca

I like the idea of combining pics into one 4×6. It is perfect for Project Life.

santo domingo church

After playing around with it a little, some of my pics from the Santo Domingo Church came out okay. To get photos to combine, choose the collage option.

I can’t wait to post my Oaxaca layouts. I think I’m going with Persnicky Prints just to see what all the fuss is about.

One more pic. I’m trying to follow along with Becky Higgins Project Real Life class. Last week was organization. I spent $2.00 on a few containers. I’m actually loving the results. DUH! So obvious, right? Anyhow, here are my attempts at organization:


No I don’t love Virginia all that much. I got those stickers for my beach trips. Anyhow, one is my craft basket and the other is my most worn jewelry. I have much more but I wanted to put my jewelry I wear regularly in a place where I could easily get to it. Oh yeah, my jewelry class is over. I should blog about how that went. I think I will one day.

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