I was gonna marry you

My uncle died from colon cancer yesterday morning. I just thought I would mention it since I’d blogged about it in the past.


The good & bad of Oaxaca (more photos coming later – maybe this weekend)

I got sick on my travel day in Mexico. Of course I did. No shock there. But that wasn’t the bad part. The bad part was my feet! I can’t do all that walking in an airport – especially as big as one as Mexico City. I was limping so badly that the guy at the gate thought I needed special assistance for my leg! The whole Mexico City airport fiasco was a nightmare. I will never repeat it. I can get to Oaxaca by bus from Houston. I will do that next time. It must be the biggest airport ever – with 2 separate buildings. You can’t even walk to the second building. You must take a train. I hate Benito Juárez International Airport cuz it sucks. #profound It must provide a ton of jobs though. That is a great thing.

Have I mentioned that the travel part was not the highlight? The way there wasn’t nearly half as bad as the way back. Flying domestically must be a breeze.

Overall, I’d give the trip a B+ or maybe an A-. Not an A+, because I spent too much money. I’m going to do a helpful hints on Oaxaca soon and it will have shopping tips. I now know where to go to get the best deals. I’m like, totally an Oaxaca expert. :/

I’m still sick but feeling much better. My feet haven’t recovered yet though. I don’t know what made me sick. That will be included in my tips but I think it was either eating pan dulce (sweet bread) from a street vendor, consuming too much syrup*, or drinking tons of coffee or more likely me constantly checking the water temperature for my shower and not using anti bacterial gel afterwards. It’s the little things. I wasn’t thinking that checking the water with my hand (DUH!) might not be a good idea. I used my feet sometimes too. LOL.

*I have a very sensitive stomach and should have known better.

Oh yeah, that is another reason why this trip couldn’t be an A+. No lukewarm or hot water. I know some people have had lukewarm water at the hostel so it is all about timing. If/When I go next time, I have to have lukewarm water. I tried to shower with that cold water. It involved me checking it and running away. I just couldn’t jump in. I tried. Me don’t do cold showers. I feel like I’m just giving myself a cold. I know Mexico City has HOT water at their hotels. It was lovely.

I did use antibacterial gel but probably not enough. I used it only when I was out. I was only sick on airport day. Do I have to explain how much being sick while going from airport to airport sucks? It was not pleasant. But at least I got to enjoy my time in Oaxaca without feeling sick.

The one thing I really actually missed while in Mexico was MSNBC. I can’t believe it. I was sooooooo sick of that network and the repetitiveness. (When will the election be over???!) But all I wanted to do when I got back to my hostel was watch MSNBC and fall asleep. I never watch CNN anymore but they did have the Mexican version of that so that is what I watched (and the Mexican travel channel). Am I a political/news junkie or what?

I’m in a bad mood so I don’t feel like blogging on and on about my wonderful vacation. I’ve been using a lot of F bombs since I’ve gotten back. Some of it is due to me being sick, some of it is work and most of it is my living situation. But whatevs. Who cares? My fault. Everything is my fault. LOL.

I think I’m going to use Project Life to document my whole trip. Becky is right when she says “keep it simple”. Part of me wants to be creative and do a 6×8 travel journal but on the other hand, do I really want to spend money on that? After what I spent on going to Oaxaca? And I want to live on my own? Sigh. (my fault. everything is my fault). So I’m going to keep it simple and just jam everything in my Project Life binder. That binder is so huge. I would love a cute little travel journal. I can always do one later, I guess.

Disclaimer: I won a free spot in Becky Higgins’ Project Real Life class. I’m not spilling anything that isn’t on the free syllabus.

This week theme is organization. Most of Becky’s video was about her family (re: kids) organization so I didn’t learn much from that. No offense.  But it has motivated me to FINALLY label a place for dirty laundry (wow – genius!), craft/photo stuff, etc. I would take pictures but my very small place where I live is sooo small and cluttered that anyone would wonder how someone could possibly be organized there.

Now I’m going to organize all the crap stuff I got from Oaxaca in my Project Life binder before I lose it. I have so many boarding passes and receipts. That is what I’ll be doing this weekend and a few boring errands. Hurricane Sandy means I have to buy pet food tomorrow instead of waiting. I also have a feeling that it means I will have to go into the office to work next week. I doubt I will have power. The last time we were out for a week. Woe is me. Living on the east coast rulez!!!!115!!!

I apologize for this entry. I’m in a bad mood.

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