Let your guard down

Oaxaca, Mexico countdown: 3 days left. 🙂 I heard about the hurricane near Mexico this morning. I’m glad I have travel insurance. I think the hurricane is near Cabo and the pacific coast. Oaxaca is far from there.

I am so nervous about the airplane thing. Have I mentioned that I have never been on an airplane in my life?! I have been on the outside of an airport (Dulles) but never inside one. If it weren’t for my nausea issues, I don’t think it would be as big a deal. I’m not scared of crashing or anything. It is just my stomach I’m worried about. I’m also concerned because I will be surrounded by regular fliers. My first flight is to Charlotte, NC. I could be the only first time flyer on that flight. Let’s be real most people at the airport have been on a plane before. Don’t even get me started on the taking off the shoes thing. I am not wearing different shoes for that! I am backpacking, dammit. I don’t have room for two pairs of shoes. 😉


I don’t know about taking that airplane pillow. It takes up so much space. I have a feeling I will be throwing it away or leaving it for someone. If I have to choose between a craft from Oaxaca or that pillow, guess which I will choose. And I hate taking pics with that i-Thing. They come out so bad. What is the point?

Enough freaking myself out. But that is all I can think about. Oh yeah and real life. Have I mentioned that my 5 day trip has basically ruined everything. Maybe that is a little dramatic but that is how it is being presented to me. Ugh. I will try to let it not ruin my trip. Thanks a lot. This trip will be a great way to practice focus on living in the moment because afterwards, my life will be let’s just say “different”. I will not want to leave Oaxaca…ever!

People are so annoying. I think everything is annoying so never mind.

I have not so good news about trying to sell my house. I will blog about it after my trip. It is kind of related to my trip because the house thing could cost me deeply if it doesn’t sell in two months. YES – two months. That sucks. I’m so glad I booked this flight without really thinking…um, yeah.


I won a free spot in Becky Higgins’ Project Real Life class. I am doing some of my assignments partly on this blog. I am not giving away any info that isn’t on the free syllabus, btw. (Over the weekend I did new layouts for Project Life, if I have time I will post them before my trip).

First I must say I love the videos she does for us. I just received access yesterday so I haven’t had time to really dig in.

Week 2 – First Things First

There are things I know I need to do that I’m not doing. That is a long list. For now, I want to focus on exercise and my morning routine. I can’t exercise by dancing anymore due to my living situation. That is a huge bummer because it also relieves stress. I will commit to doing 25-50 sit ups a day. I can do that.

I must change the way I start my workday. It basically goes like this. Wake up. Groan. Turn the computer on. Feed my frogs and fish while waiting for the computer to boot up. Start working. Well sometimes I turn my personal laptop on to check my email if I’m expecting something. Otherwise it is just halfway sleep and straight to the computer. I do this because I know the earlier I start, the earlier I get off.

I don’t want to be still for 30 minutes. That’s “wasting time”! I’d rather have the 30 minutes at the end of my day. But sometimes that extra time is wasted. It depends. I think I want to start with 5 minutes of writing daily. That is my meditation. That is the only way I can be sure I’m focusing on the moment.


  • do at least 25 situps a day
  • cook more. Last night I baked chicken wings. That is better than the crap I eat most of the time. I also want to gradually eat less processed foods. Also, I am so mad at myself for drinking sodas again!! I had stopped for almost a year but now since I can’t drink coffee everyday (I drink it about 3 times a month), I want caffeine in some way so Mountain Dew wins. argh. Now I’m hooked again.
  • Journal for the first 5 minutes of everyday
  • I know I blog about reading more all the time but I really do have to read more. This week it won’t happen because I have so much to do but when I get back this will be a priority.
  • I have to nap everyday. Have to. I know people judge me for this. I mean I really know a person who judges me for this. LOL. And I don’t give a $#%^. Due to my current living situation I can’t take a 45 minute nap after work like I used to so I’m going to try to nap during my lunch break when I don’t have errands to run. I have done this once or twice and I do get more things done in the afternoon when I do it this way.
  • I have to get back to keeping track of my to-do crap. I have apps for that so there is no excuse not to keep a list.

I have already been working on most of the topics she mentioned for this week. So not a lot of changes. Another part of the class is to document the small things in our Project Life albums but I’m just going to do it on this blog instead.

Pic of the chicken wings I baked:

not my good camera

I don’t know how they look but they were tasty. 😉

So much to do. Must go.

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