Nothing but a miracle

el passporte

I haven’t blogged since I got my passport. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!!11 I got my passport on Wednesday morning. I was surprised that I did not have to sign for it and also very glad because I had to go into work that morning and would have missed it. It was a great feeling coming back at 11:30AM and seeing that envelope and just knowing it was my passport. I’m already scared I’m going to lose it before my trip. I lose everything. EVERYTHING.

Oh yeah: I leave in exactly two weeks. In two weeks at this time, I will be on a plane to Oaxaca! How cool, wonderful, and weird is that?

I’m most worried about…okay, I can’t just list one thing. Here goes. I am worried about:

  • the whole airport situation (the language barrier in Mexico City & my nausea on the plane)
  • What if I’m too shy to leave my hostel? (I seriously doubt this happens but hello? I have SA)
  • Getting sick
  • Not having much to eat (I cannot eat spicy food. It’s not that I just don’t like it, I literally can’t eat it. One reason to go is to enjoy the local cuisine and that is my plan but if it is too spicy well, I can’t eat it). But there are places like 100% Natural which sells yogurt and bagels. And very close to my hotel is a local burger joint. There aren’t any American restaurants there. McDonald’s threaten to open up a chain there and there was outrage. Loud Occupy Wallstreet outrage.
  • Not getting a taxi back to the airport. This is a major issue for a lot of people who visit Oaxaca. I can’t miss my flight. I have to –repeat– have to be at work the next day.
  • Something important being stolen (money, laptop – yes I decided to take it, passport etc.)
  • Being overwhelmed. Say I do leave my hostel – I’m kidding. I will leave. In NYC I was so overwhelmed by the people and the music after being in a store for an hour that I slept for 2 hours afterwards. Hello, I’m an introvert. There will be people everywhere. I hope I can enjoy it.
  • Regretting going because I can only spend 3 full days there. I already know that I will want to go back.
  • Worried about getting pesos. I know where I can get them (including ATMs) but I’m still worried.
  • My feet problems. I will be walking EVERYWHERE. All day. I will take pain meds with me. In NYC, my feet did cause problems. And I plan to do even more walking in Oaxaca.
  • Getting prepared prior to going. This past week has been so busy. I haven’t done much at all except read more about Oaxaca and print out maps. I’m going travel shopping tomorrow.
  • My lack of Spanish. I’m determined to learn the numbers before I go. Of course I know the easy ones. lol. But I still don’t know anything past 30. Except 100. (cien)
  • money


I did find one that sucks about doing Project Life. I decided I wanted to be like everyone else and do it on a weekly basis. I wasn’t going to start that until 2013. But my obsession got the best of me. Besides getting my passport, this week has really sucked. And I’m not sure next week is going to be better. Why would I want to document any of this?? I don’t. Most people (who post theirs online) have either average or happy layouts. But I’m sort of feeling stuck right now and I don’t want to remember this ever!

Well I do have the passport photo. And I did finish a necklace this week (not the best pic, nor my best work):

I’m wearing it out tomorrow. I hope it doesn’t fall apart. It feels good to be back into beading again.

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