The day has come

Bummer. I did try to make it to the LGBT event. I even saw all the rainbows! But no freaking parking and I got there early! Good luck to those who plan to show up later on. They will have a long walk. Project Life inspired me to go. How? Well I knew I could go and get memorabilia. They had this new limited edition bumper sticker that I really wanted. I wanted to put it in my photo album not on my car. Since I couldn’t make it there, I did go to one place I’d never visited before so all wasn’t lost. Would I have gone if it weren’t for PL? Probably not. Project Life is my new Abilify! 😉

I took some pics of a historic place in my city. I’ve been living here for years but never ventured out here before.


Those who have been there, now know where I was today.

I would have stayed longer but there was a guy with a dog creeping me out. I didn’t think he would harm me. I think he thought I was following him. So he just stopped at one point. Then when I was walking near him to go back down the trail, he started walking right beside me! WEIRD. I’m all about personal space and I would never invade someone’s space on purpose. It is almost rude, imo. (I know different countries/cultures have different personal space ideas but I was in America today). This happens to me a lot. I think people think my shy manner is me flirting when that is sooooooooooooooo not the case. His dog was super cute but um, really?


Look at what I made in jewelry class:

handmade necklace

Okay, I had help with the very last part of the necklace. I am getting down some of the basics I’d forgotten but I’m missing a lot. The teacher tells us to do things then she leaves and I’m thinking “huh”? I’ve had two classes and I’m not sure I’m  getting what I wanted out of it. I am proud of “designing” the above necklace. I did do that by myself. But there was one thing I’ve always had problems with that I couldn’t do without help.

I also made 3 pairs of earrings last week. They turned out okay. I need more practice but I’m too busy to practice making jewelry right now.


I wanna stay but the signs says GO

20 days until I go to Oaxaca, Mexico???

Like I tweeted the government received my passport application. I should receive it in time. Here is a video that explains why I want to visit Oaxaca……..

I figured out how I’m going to exchange money. I’m doing it at the airport in Mexico City. I’ll be there for about 3 hours so I should have enough time to exchange. Thanks to the internet for all this useful info. I’m worried about the whole checked luggage thing. If I were traveling domestically, my bag would probably be at my final destination but since I have 3 flights…ugh! I’m guessing I will have to get my bag somewhere along the way and check it again. yipee. First time flyers is a great resource for um, first time flyers. Too bad it doesn’t quelch my fears about checked luggage. :/

I checked out a book on Mexico from the library today. I first checked it out when I was planning to go to Mexico a few years ago. Now they have an updated version. I will probably take this book with me. I have been adding stuff to my wishlist. Once I get my passport, I will start ordering anything I NEED (versus want). Amazon has some things I can’t find anywhere else so they will be my travel store.

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