I don’t know where to begin. WHAT A CLUSTERFUCK. That sounds right.

I might have made a mistake. I booked my flight to Oaxaca, Mexico…without having a passport. I read the directions wrong. I thought a birth certificate would be needed. It makes sense, right? But when I went to the passport page I read a driver’s license OR a birth certificate. WRONG. Now I could be screwed. Of course I don’t have an official copy of my birth certificate. Of course I’m not living where I was born. That would be easy. Nope, I have to go through mail. And hope they actually send the birth certificate.

I paid $50.00 for them to rush it. The problem is that I couldn’t remember how my dad’s name is on my birth certificate. I didn’t know whether he used his real legal name (he didn’t) or his um, other name. To make this short, if I don’t get my birth certificate ASAP through the mail, I won’t be able to get a rushed passport and I will not be able to go to Oaxaca on October 20.

I panicked and brought the plane ticket because there were only 9 seats left on one of the planes. So I thought BOOK NOW! And I foolishly did. I could be screwed.

In a way this is a relief. At least I’m not panicking about Mexico this and that like I was last night. Now I might not even be going. Why did I book the flight for October? Because that is the only guaranteed time I have off. Our workplace is limiting time off starting soon. I may not be able to get 3-4 days off in a row again. A week off? ROFL!!! 😉

So I decided to foolishly seize the moment and now I might not go due to administrative reasons. rah. rah. I do have travel protection but I’m pretty sure not having a passport is NOT covered. 😦 😦 Did I just waste a bunch of credit? FUCK. Like I said I’m relieved to not have to think Mexico, Mexico, Mexico but I do have to think Mexico, Mexico, Mexico….just not right now. I can’t do anything without a birth certificate. I’m not paying another dime for anything. Not even the hostel until I get my passport application in.

If I can’t go to Mexico, maybe I could go to Texas (1st choice) or Florida (blah choice) for around the same price? Maybe they would let me switch my flight around. I have no idea. I have never been on an airplane in my life.  I don’t know anything about how that kind of travel works. I wish I could just get my money back but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Sometimes I feel like I’m bipolar due to these decisions I make. I’m 99% sure I’m not but look at this mess. I feel like a normal  person would not have done this.

Well I have jewelry class tonight. Gotta go.

Oh, and congratulations to Ian for winning Big Brother 14. He has anxiety issues.  (social anxiety, maybe OCD) He overcame and he won! Thrilled for him.

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