Unashamed desires

Sometimes I have nothing to say. Sometimes I can post everyday. Forget putting all the beautiful stuff on Pinterest. I want to share some stuff here. I want to make jewelry. I love bold jewelry. Statement jewelry. I found two necklaces that made me drool.


wooden beads

(UPDATE: The above necklace went down about $10 overnight. I used my gift card and ordered it. YAY!)

The above piece was inspired by Brazil. Isn’t that beautiful? I want it so bad. Plus my Beginning Jewelry class starts in 18 days and we can bring a piece we would like to rework. WOW, can you imagine making that? I can’t. 😉 I was going to take a simpler necklace that I love but if I had that…wowza. Both necklaces are from Macy’s. I do have a Macy’s gift card from my birthday that I haven’t used. Unfortunately my gift card does not cover the full price of the necklace, not to mention the shipping and handling. (9.99 for S&H – ow!)

So I don’t know what I’m going to do. I will probably order the wooden necklace. The sale price is over after Labor Day. I am also conflicted because I want to wear my own jewelry. I’ve been wearing these simple feather earrings I made. I’ve gotten a ton of looks. It would be nice if I could whip out a business card with my (future) Etsy store on and if I ever got a compliment I could say: You like my jewelry? I made it. You can take a look at my stuff here. That would be awesome. But then I would never wear others jewelry. ROFL. That makes me sad. haha.

I love that necklace but dammit, I WANT TO MAKE THAT NECKLACE. I want to use my own inspiration, of course. I love that the person was inspired by Brazil. That place is so colorful. I want to go there.


I could blog about a person taking cheap shots at me and how much people suck but I think I’ve covered that pretty well. Why do people take cheap shots out of nowhere? Is it their insecurity? Is it that simple? I believe there is a meanness there and a lack of understanding something very basic:

1. All people aren’t the same

2. All situations aren’t the same

For O to imply that my work situation is anything like hers is preposterous. She has no idea what my work is like. So why does she think she knows? UGH PEOPLE SUCK. See, I did it. 🙂 I wish I didn’t have to deal with O on the daily basis. Trust me, I’m looking for a way out.

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