Change the record

Siwe Monsanto, The Siwe Project’s namesake, would have been sixteen on March 8th of this year. Instead, she chose to take her own life on June 29, 2011. It was Siwe’s suicide that prompted Bassey Ikpi, a family friend, to found the non-profit. As a mental health advocate and a noted writer, Ikpi has maintained a transparent look into her own life with Bipolar II Disorder.  ”The aim is to create community. People with illness forging with those who support or have loved ones with an illness,” says Ikpi.  The Siwe Project believes that sharing stories not only fosters individual healing, but community transformation. The Siwe Project strategically uses new media to cultivate safe spaces to share new stories. Additionally, the organization works to widen the public dialogue regarding the experiences of people of African descent living with mental illness.

To learn more about the Siwe Project visit their website. no shame! End mental illness stigma. Thanks to Jay Smooth for tweeting about this project.

Here is a wonderful quote from Bassey Ikpi’s blog (found at –

Never apologize for how you choose to take care of yourself.



I feel for anyone having to live through Issac. 😦 I don’t know how they do it. I don’t want to live through another tropical storm so I can’t imagine having to deal with a hurricane. Tropical storm Isabel was really bad. Parts of our city flooded. People went without power for a month. Businesses were closed for almost a year due to the whole area flooding. I can’t remember the name of the storm from last year. But the tree in front of my house cracked. I had to evacuate in case it did fall.  Luckily it didn’t fall on the house but my neighbors weren’t so lucky. Their tree fell right on their roof. Scary.


This is a great tweet from writer Anne Lammot: “Here’s a good prayer; “Hello? Is there anyone there? I hate everything, and I’m not positive I believe in You. But I need help; Thank you.” I’m 100% sure I don’t believe in God but I do tell him or her to fuck off….not as much as I used to. 🙂 Sometimes I do kind of pray like that though. I know you don’t exist but if there is a 1% chance you do, please help me!!!!!!!!!!

Yes if there is a God, I used to be really pissed at him/her. Now I save my anger for those pesky humans. I can’t believe in a God with all this stuff going on. I know religion has answers for it. But since I’m not religious those convenient answers don’t matter to me. I used to be so mad that I had social anxiety*. What kind of god would give anyone THIS?  Or when I heard about anything happening to anyone I would ask that. I used to rage. Luckily, I’m not thinking about God that much anymore. Anne Lammot’s tweet just made me laugh because that used to be soooooooo me.

*Well I’m still not happy about it. haha.

I have since found Buddhism and I stopped focusing on this “God”. Btw, I’m not Buddhist or anything. LOL. I just follow the stuff I already believed before I even knew Buddhism even existed.


OMG – AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just found out that next Monday is labor day. 🙂 I get a day off! WOW. I knew Labor Day was coming up but I thought it was September 10. Finally. I can’t wait until October 22. I get THREE days off after having none since June. amazing. :/

Wait there is more…college football starts this weekend (well, tonight I think?). And the U.S. Open is going on now. I will be sleeping and vegging out with sports this weekend. No work.  This. is. life. 🙂 I am so hyped right now. Friday cannot come soon enough.

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