I really want these tennis shoes:

If wanting those shoes is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. I’ve had my current shoes for about 3 years so I think it is time. I do get a discount as an Avon rep but I really need to wake the %$# up and stop buying crap. 90% of the time, I’m good at saving money but then there are periods where I am so weak. I don’t know when my house will sell. And when it does, how much will I have to pay out of pocket? I also have to have money for when I move into a townhouse (I have narrowed it down to 4-5 places.)

This entry will be full of randomness.

I started a John Mayer blog on Friday night. I love doing these type of sites. I decided to use wordpress instead of getting my own domain because it is free but I will consider doing a real website. That involves money and more time so it won’t happen anytime soon. It isn’t much right now. I used to design my own websites. I had two domains. I use the term “design” lightly. Since I’m not in school, I need something to fill my time.

I’m also working on  updating my résumé. I’m 75% done.


Why do all the interesting women want kids? Not that I’m interested in dating for real (or for fake) but it is just something I’ve noticed while browsing internet ads.


I finally used on iPod Touch. After getting used to the Kindle Fire, I wonder how people can type on those things much less read books on it. Is the iPhone like that too? Wow.  It seems like a nice device other than the small screen. The real concern for me is that I have 33 GB of music that I want to carry around at all times. 😉 I can’t even do that with an iPad.


Screw yoga for now. If I could do it more than once a week, then I would want to do it for relaxation purposes but I’m not getting much out of it. I will be doing a zumba class in a couple of weeks. I tried zumba once before and the problems were that I was the only new person and could not keep up and that I’m just too self conscious to really get into it. But I’m willing to try again. I love dancing just not around other people.

Well I’ve done enough long posts in the past. I have no idea why I’m posting this.


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