you can’t go home again

I’m typing this after I wrote what is below the line. I was approved for the short sale! YAY. But after talking to my realtor she’s like, “I don’t know if we will be able to sell this before December 1”. Well the bank gives me until December 1 to sell. She said there are such things as extensions so I guess I could ask for that. They only took $4,000 off the sale price. I don’t know anyone who only got that little taken off. Of course it may have been because I didn’t pay a lot for the house to begin with.

So I may not have my townhouse/apartment for a while. 😦

Good news: I made an A on my final. More importantly, I’M FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!1!!!1!! 🙂 🙂


When I say I wish I were normal, what do I mean? The simple things. For example, I would like to be able to live in an apartment. How did I get into this house mess in the first place? Because I was freaking out over the apartment noise. I got tired of sleeping in my car etc. But guess what? If this short sale goes through, I’m trying it again! (smart). But this time I’m moving to a townhouse. At least I won’t have people below or above me. I have only found ONE acceptable place in my current city*. I even looked at other cities and couldn’t find anything but that is fine because I like my current hometown.

*Actually this place is in the suburbs. I would love to find a townhouse in the city. I’ve always wanted to live downtown.

There are at least two downsides to this townhouse complex. One being that there isn’t a washer/dryer in the unit. However, they do have the hookups. The cheapest washer and dryer combo I’ve seen is $1,000. Well I don’t do that much laundry for it to be a huge concern. I can just use their laundry room plus I can go to my mom’s once a month to use hers.  I won’t be buying one unless I love it there (PLEASE!) and decide to live there for years. The other downside you will see in the pics. 😉

Here are pics of the only place I find acceptable near the city. It is a 1 bedroom and has 1.5 baths.


Yes they give you an EMPTY laundry room. I will probably use it as a junk room. It looks like a closet in the pics.

full bathroom

This may seem like an ordinary bathroom but to me it is more. I LOVE where they have the vanity sink….away from the toilet. Yes!! 🙂


I could use more closet space but otherwise just a regular bedroom.

dining room

I have never had a dining room table in my life. I always use the dining room area as an office. I don’t know where my home office will be. I may be getting my first tiny dining room table.


I really like this kitchen. Stainless steel appliances!!! No white stuff. Please tell me all the apartments come with this.

living room

Typical living room. That is bigger than the living room in my house. In fact this whole apartment is bigger than my house.

the “patio”

Here is what I HATE. Where do I begin? I’m big on having a patio/balcony. That is a deal breaker to me. I have to have something but this??? WTF? First, you can see the neighbors on both sides of you through the fence. Who would want that??? Who built this “fence”? I have never seen anything like it. Then who knows what you will be facing. There is a space for people to walk their dogs. There is a lot of just grass which is a good thing but do you want to see random people when you are on your “patio”?  There is also a pool and a lake but I doubt any townhouses face those but who knows. I was so disappointed when I saw this picture.

But I want the 1.5 bathrooms and the kitchen. Plus this is the only acceptable place I can afford. (I use the word “afford” loosely). So I guess I will have to deal with this horrible patio. No privacy whatsoever. Who leaves stuff out there? I was just planning on leaving plants out there. But I don’t know…I’ve had something stolen from a more private patio before.

I do like the grounds. I used to walk daily around my other apartment complex. I loved starting my day off that way.

the complex

There is also a pretty big lake. I’m going to visit this place soon to really walk around to make sure this is really the place. Well if it is meant to be, I hope it works out. I will explain why the dreamhouse isn’t happening later. An apartment is the only real option at this point.

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