Just give me back those pieces

I posted this in my social anxiety blog but I wanted to post the documentary here too since I mention it a lot:

I can really relate to it. I could never have been a part of that doc without medication like one of the participants.  Wow.  It is a must watch. It explains the WHYs of social anxiety. Considering how prevalent SA* is, I would think there would be more docs on it but there isn’t. I guess it is hard to find people who want to participate. I’d participate if I didn’t think my family would find out. Oh and then there are future employers so no way,  forget it. I have a hard enough time already. I’ve been let go from jobs for having SA.

*Yes some people are just shy and shouldn’t be labeled with SA but some people are really suffering. Without help bad, bad things can happen (suicide etc). I would rather more people get diagnosed than none at all.


I’m having a buyers remorse freak out. The stuff that I ordered isn’t even here yet. Well I just ordered it. Since I started telecommuting, I haven’t spent much money on clothes. But today I spent $50 at Forever21.com. I know! Of all the stores. LOL. I have never been to their store or ordered anything from them. I unexpectedly got a $50+ check in the mail and instead of saving it…I just really wanted the skirt. (edit: Just found out I will be working overtime this Saturday for the 1st time in a long time. yay!) Well why not show what  I brought?

I don’t have a hotel for the August D’Angelo/Mary J. Blige concert but I have a maxi dress. 🙂 (I don’t need a hotel but it would be nice). Here is what I will probably wear to the concert:

maxi dress

This dress was buy one get one free. (Weird sale, right?) I plan on giving the 2nd dress to my sister for Xmas unless it is really flimsy. Then I’ll just keep it for myself. I would love to give it to her and get a jump start on my most hated time of year. I could be done with one person in July!  I don’t like that maxi dresses are seen as trendy but I love that I can find them everywhere these days. For the past 10+ years, I’ve been wearing maxi dresses and what they now call maxi skirts. I kind of want to buy all the maxi dresses I can since I love them so much, IF it is indeed just a fad.  But since I generally shop at thrift stores maybe I can find all the unwanted dresses there from the trendy people in a year or two. 🙂


I’m not really a bracelet person but I had to get the order to $50 to get free shipping. Plus I love the look of the fake wood.

I will probably wear these around the house but they would be good for yoga.

I don’t really love those earrings but $50 = FREE SHIPPING!


This skirt received great reviews and it was only $13. I should have gotten another one in gray. I’m regretting it now. 😦 I was going to say “I can’t wait to wear this when I go into the office” But uh, I think I can wait. 😉 I shouldn’t have to physically go to work until October for an hour or two. But things happen.

I got all that for $50. Yay? I dunno. I’m used to being extra thrifty when it comes to clothes.


I’m going to try to make myself go to yoga today. I only have 2 classes left.

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