will I ever cross your mind?

I didn’t know ultrasounds were so expensive or that they took so long. I thought it was more like:

“You’re having a boy!”


But it is much more complex than that. Especially when you have an intern working on you (OMG). She took forever. I thought she was going to do the real ultrasound. That is the only reason why I agreed to have a student do it. But she was just practicing!!! Hello? I have to get back to work. Do these people not understand the value of time?? The proper way to ask is: “Do you have enough time for a student to do the ultrasound then I will do it for real?” I would have said NO because I have to work.


I’m glad I didn’t know it was more complex than “You’re having a boy!”. I would have been nervous about it. I haven’t had the abdominal pain in about 3-4 weeks but of course on the day of my ultrasound it was back full force. And they kept scanning that area of my stomach. Ow.

It feels slightly wrong to complain about a $50 copay. But DAYUM…for an ultrasound?? I know radiology things cost a lot but I was shocked that I had to pay that much for it. Apparently it is a “tier 3” x-ray. I didn’t know that. What if nothing comes out of getting the ultrasound? I guess that crosses things out…If I didn’t have health insurance I would just keep living with the nausea (like I have for 5+ years) and the occasional pain.

Now I’m just waiting for the results.

Like I tweeted, I have a suitor! 😉 It is so frustrating! Heterosexual men that is. Maybe it is impossible to just be friends with them since I’m not interested in sex. I find that sad. I’ll back up. The guy who helped me move wanted my phone number. Of course he didn’t get it. Get why he wanted my number: because I don’t do drugs or drink. SCREAM That is the frustrating part.


I’m so not. Just because I’m shy, that doesn’t mean I’m nice or I will settle or I’ll do whatever you want. I WILL NOT OBEY YOU! lol. If these people knew the real me, they would not want to be within 10 feet of me. 🙂

I really think he got turned on because I was holding my guitar. I haven’t touched that guitar in 5 years. But as moving, I ran across it and had to strum it. He saw me. Maybe he thought I was different or whatever. I don’t know. (I will start back with the guitar once summer school is over).

The guy is cute. I thought that when I first saw him. However, he has a criminal record. He went to jail once. At first I was quick to judge and thought of him as “scum” (how enlightened) in a split second. But I know how the justice system works. It isn’t fair. Whoever has the most $$ wins. People make false accusations. etc. So a criminal record doesn’t make a person bad in my eyes. But he was convicted for something pretty bad – not murder, of course. But it wasn’t a petty crime. So if I were interested in dating him, he would have a lot of explaining to do. Some crimes I just can’t “get over”. I hope he isn’t guilty for everyone involved sake.

So I’m currently waiting for  my ultrasound results and a cute guy with a criminal record is interested in me. Oh and school is over soon! YAY. I still have to take the final though.

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