(I started a new social anxiety blog. I hope it evolves into something more. I haven’t updated as much as I would like. Busy!)

I won tickets to see Rachael Sage in concert tomorrow! *happy dance* She held a giveaway via twitter. Now I LOVE twitter. I take back all the bad things I said about it. I discovered her music through Spotify. Love. Music = love…and peace. 🙂 This will be my first concert since seeing John Mayer in 2010. Looooong drought for me. I just haven’t been motivated to see anyone because I only wanted to see Mayer. But now I’m also thinking of going to see Alabama Shakes this Friday (tickets only $5.00 – only going if I’m caught up with my class). And the thought of me having a chance to see D’angelo makes me swoon. No he isn’t doing a full fledged US tour yet but I know it is coming. C’mon D, we love you. My point is that I’ve let Mayer go since he can’t tour, and now perhaps I can enjoy all these other great acts. (Even though I think I would be fine just seeing JM tour every summer).

I also won a piece of original artwork by Rachael Sage. I’ll get it after the concert. I can’t wait to frame it and hang it in my country home one day. YAY. I love spontaneous living but it probably isn’t the best thing to do if one is already overwhelmed but this is MUSIC and music is my lifeline. The almost two hour drive is the only downside. But a concert in a new-to-me venue it well worth it. So excited!

In other news about me, I made an 85 on my second test! *not so happy dance but not sad dance either* I was one question away from making an A. I knew that answer. I changed it at the last second. Sigh. Anyway, considering how far behind I was I’m happy with an 85. Yes my standards have been lowered.

The one thing I miss most about going to school is the lack of reading for fun. Oh well, I’m trying to finish a few books that I’ve started. Hopefully during the fall I will be able to read for fun but I’m not counting on it. That will be my most demanding class…that is why it is last. oh dear.

I went to DMV at 8AM today. I would like to say everything is resolved…OF COURSE IT ISN’T! She told me to go to City Hall. Um, well I called them and they told me to go to DMV. %$^^$# So now what? I will call the dealer and maybe they can do what they were supposed to do in the first place and get it all resolved. No, I don’t really believe that will happen. :/

I had coffee for the first time in a week. I stopped drinking it due to nausea. Now I’m thinking I should have never gone back. Oh well it is too late now. I am going to attempt to mow the lawn. If I get sick again, this will suck because I have to make it to see Rachael tomorrow. Hoping for the best. I have to stop with this sick ish.

Update: Feeling nauseous and a little dizzy but I did manage to mow my mom’s front yard. I will be okay.

More Rachael for you:

I hope she performs this. 🙂

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