Do I qualify?

Nausea has taken over my life. I’ve had it foe years but now it is so bad that it is affecting my life. I can’t do normal things. Is this a result of my severe anxiety? Or some physical problem? I don’t know. OTC meds help a little. But not today. I was feeling dizzy and nauseous today. I couldn’t mow the lawn or eat. Now I have abdominal pain…not a stomach ache. It could be an ulcer. ??? Or could I have a tumor? Or is it just anxiety induced nausea?

Since I’m off for a week soon, I’m going to the doctor. I haven’t been to a general practitioner in 3 years. I sort of wish I had because then I wouldn’t have to deal with the physical exam part. I just want the NAUSEA stopped. Nothing else. I don’t want anything done that isn’t going to stop the nausea. Fuck me, I’m so screwed. It is probably just from the anxiety. Have bad anxiety for over a decade and you will probably have a lot of physical issues. Bummer.

I have a week off but so much to do. Don’t even mention school. I feel like I’m sinking. I need to change my living situation too. That is adding stress. But moving isn’t the easiest thing in the whole to do so I need not think about that too much. I will get a realtor to the house during that week (if someone can come out). I don’t know how all this is supposed to happen.


I have to go to the DMV. I don’t know exactly what they need. Well I don’t know if I have what they need. The dealer was supposed to fax some papers over to DMV. Guess what? They didn’t do it. Who has to deal with this crap now? These papers were supposed to be at DMV months ago. Who is going to pay for it now? Thanks for doing your job!

I sound like a broken record. AHHH!

Life is so not worth living. Such a waste of time (for me). It doesn’t make much sense for me to keep living but I’m doing it for one sucky reason. Not very smart. :/
Update: I wrote the above yesterday and didn’t post it. Well today (ARGH!), I didn’t work. I get one sick time a year so I just used that up. Tomorrow I’m working, no matter what. Going to the doctor for nausea sucks because even thinking about it, makes me gag so how can I talk about it????????????? I gagged as I typed that. Sorry TMI.

I physically and mentally suck. 🙂 The end.

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