easy and breezy

I’m letting myself off the hook for things I’ve done. I let my past go past. And now I’m having more fun.

I had an epiphany while staring at the beach Wednesday night. I was all alone. And I got it. Sometimes it sucks saying bye but it is the right thing to do. But this entry isn’t about that. This post is about pics and videos of my beach vacation.

Thursday morning beach vid:

so good!

This is the first Bikini Martini I made. Sweet, fruity and awesome! I had 3 throughout the week.

Hotel #1. I had a better experience at this hotel this year than last year. Everything was pretty good (besides the nonworking TV remote haha). Oh, and I was on the very top floor. Floor 8. Score! 😉

Hotel #2 – 3 nights

My only complaint was the lukewarm water in the shower. Not a problem last year so…



my new African Dwarf Frogs!

They are known as M & M. Buying african dwarf frogs from the beach store probably wasn’t the smartest idea. But hey, they are doing great. M & M are very active. I have a lot to learn about them. I brought them some food from the pet store and they gobbled it up. I hope I didn’t overfeed. Like I said: lots to learn about my new buddies. 🙂

Another video. Play spot the bird!

from the balcony

I may post more pics but I think that is all.


With peace in my mind. I got peace in my heart. Got peace in my soul. Wherever I’m going, I’m already home. I’m living in the moment

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