The freedom song

What is the point of making plans? Ha. It looks like I’m not going to Duke University this summer but I hope to go somewhere even better…the beach in North Carolina. It isn’t up to me so I’m just hoping this happens. I’m tagging along with someone.

I am a plant person. I used to garden. I even have a horticulture certificate from high school. I haven’t been able to have plants since I adopted a cat. But I had to give her up 😦 Now I can have a mini greenhouse. It is very tiny because I don’t have enough room. Any greenery is good.

Here is my new mini-greenhouse:


The plant in the blue pots are lucky bamboos. They originate from Africa. I’ve never had bamboo before. As long as I remember to change the water, they should be fine. I brought them because I need luck and they are so pretty. 🙂

I am going to party on this birthday vacation. You would think I’m turning 21 with all the alcohol I brought. Yes, I got carded…and I spent too much $. I want to mix my own drinks. I even brought my first cocktail shaker.

blame it on the alcohol

Have I mentioned that I’m not a drinker? I hate beer. I drink wine about 10 times a year. I’m sick of wine. I only got tipsy once. So I decided to try some hardcore stuff. The vodka, grenadine syrup, and pineapple juice are not pictured. In the picture I have Skinnygirl Pina Colada (not going on the trip – I’m trying that tonight), piña colada mix, 2 small bottles of rum, and red apple liqueur. I’m making Bikini Martini and Malibu Bay Breeze. I’m also going to try mixing an apple martini. I have never made this stuff before. This should be fun. Yes this is a strange mix of liquids. I don’t know what I’m doing!

Since I’m new to this, I soooo hope I do not get too drunk. The last thing I want to experience is a hangover, especially on a vacation.

I needed someone to tell me that my dreams weren’t totally crazy. Only two people know about my dream of buying my house in the country. One said, “Go for it”. The other person was more practical. “What about gas prices? Is it probably better to move to the country when you retire”. I like practical.

Then I read the articles/websites on noise anxiety. One writer recommended a move to the country. I don’t know why it validated my decision but it did! I needed a 3rd unknown party to tell me it was okay to move to the country because I can’t function like a normal person in the noisy city. THANK YOU.

Choose an environment that’s right for you. If you are considering buying a house or moving there are a lot of factors to consider before you settle on the right place. Choosing the right location can be even more important for someone who suffers from noise anxiety. Consider the environment and how well you will adapt. For instance, if you suffer from noise anxiety you may be happier and healthier living in the country rather than choosing a place in a large city. That’s something you will want to consider when choosing a place to live.


Healthy. I want to be healthy. I want to live a full life. What a novel concept. (I know living in the country does not equal happiness. I just know what it is like to fill comfortable in my own home. Life is better that way. I haven’t had that in YEARS. It doesn’t bring happiness but it can make my life more livable). It still doesn’t make it any easier to actually fulfill this craaaaazy dream but I’m definitely more committed to it now than I was before reading that website. I’m not going to start searching for homes again…for now. I still have to sell my house. I hope to get a realtor to my house sometime in June.

How did I get stuck in the house I’m trying to sell? NOISE! I was sleeping in my car because I couldn’t stand the apartment noise. I just got fed up, paid off the rental company (with credit cards) and brought a house. I felt like I had no choice. In hindsight, I should have kept sleeping in my car and being paralyzed during the day before buying a house. I don’t know. What was I supposed to do? I have no idea. There was no way for me to know the house situation would have ended like it did. So……..ugh.

I don’t know which is worse social anxiety or this noise issue. The noise anxiety has made me to CRAZY things…not just buying a house in one day but other things too. On the other hand, social anxiety affects getting a job so SA wins. But I feel like it is a tie.

On Monday I’m off to the beach. I will probably upload pics from there…if I’m not too drunk. 😉

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