Obama doesn’t have to worry about what Black voters think about his support of gay rights. (FYI, 42% of blacks support gay marriage). He needs to worry about other groups. I’m still surprised he put his job on the line for his personal views. What he said was great but it doesn’t matter in the big scheme of things. He still wants gay marriage to be a state thing.

I get it but I always think that is such a cop-out. “Let the states decide”. BS. And what if you live in a crappy state? What do you do then? (Don’t say “move”. LOL). Anyway this shouldn’t matter to voters because he isn’t going to change any policy based on his personal support of gay marriage. Shhh! Don’t tell people that.

This should bring some interesting and annoying conversation.

Oh and do not read the comments from this article. It made me think less of man kind. I usually skip the comments on everything but I had to peek. Wish I didn’t.

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