I got this

I haven’t done an update on my Kindle Fire in a while. I still think it is spectacular. The best thing is still the portability. While I’m working, I can check my email without getting up. I can watch Grey’s Anatomy (reruns) without my laptop. This goes for numerous things.

There is only one thing missing from my Fire: a Spotify app. Ugh, yes I know there is now an app for the iPad which does not mean an app for the Fire is near. 😦  I have every music related app on my Fire (IHeartRadio, TuneIn Radio, Stitcher Radio, Pandora, and more).  Spotify is the best thing for music lovers. However it can get us music geeks in trouble. At first I was going through my music wish list and actually buying the albums that were great after listening to them on Spotify. I’ve had to stop that pricey habit.

I just read an article that compares Spotify and Pandora. To me there is no comparison. It is really simple. People who like to listen to full albums (like ME) will choose Spotify. People who like random songs and enjoy radio will choose Pandora. I’m not a huge fan of Pandora. Honestly I haven’t tried hard enough to get Pandora to create a sound for me. They just play random crap. 😉 But music is music and sometimes I will pull up Pandora on my Fire while I’m reading.

Back to my Kindle…I definitely don’t need to take my laptop and Kindle Fire on a 3 day beach trip. (However, my Kindle Keyboard is a must. I read a lot at the beach). I will take my laptop because this will be his first chance to travel. 🙂 But with the Kindles, there is no need to take a computer for such a short trip. I probably won’t use it…unless I can’t wait to upload pictures. But I have the room so why not take it? Speaking of reading: This will be my first 3D free book trip. I have so much room in my suitcase. I usually have about 3-4 books when I go anywhere overnight but thanks to Kindle, I don’t need all that.

My most used apps are:

  • Pulse (news from various sources)
  • Words with friends (I love word games. I usually like to play against a computer but I like WWF)
  • Tweetcaster for Twitter (easy access to all types of news via Twitter)
  • Bills Reminder (I rely on this app way too much)
  • Angry Birds (I just d/l this a week ago but I’ve played it a ton #late)
  • Netflix(This is the best freakin’ app. During slow times @ work, I can watch whatever I want. Since I’ve cancelled some of my bills, I have upgraded to the $15 a month plan. Streaming is unlimited…but everything can’t be streamed. The Wire – I’m looking at you).

Note that I haven’t listed any music/radio apps because I use different apps for different things. When I want to listen to the DC sports radio I have to use —–. When I want to listen to Rachel Maddow’s show I have to use another app. And then when I want to listen to another podcast, I have to use another app. This is frustrating and confusing. One day I went through 3 apps to find a Chicago radio station. I need a spreadsheet that lists who is on what. I’m seriously thinking about doing that because sometimes I just don’t listen because I can’t remember which radio app to use. Annoying.

Oh and the worst thing is still the battery life. I only charge my KK once every 10 days. I charge the Fire daily. When I use the Netflix app, I sometimes charge it twice a day.

The Fire is still stupendous! (PLEASE ADD SPOTIFY!)

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