same old bitter things

Ugh. The “news”. If I have to hear the name Zimmerman one more freaking time. I turned my TV off today. I would watch the trial (if there is one), because I watch/follow court trials all the time and that actually means something. How much can you talk about something when you know practically nothing (other than a few things you keep repeating). Let it go.

On the other hand discussions on the “Stand your ground” law, I find interesting.

And then we have the stupid working mom stuff. This is so old…and lame. Really? Is that all people can talk about? I work. No, I work. Um, I really work. See, LAME.

I’m just going to continue reading books and making Spotify playlists (and work of course because I, like, totally work). lalalalala.

/end rant.


To answer my own question, some Unitarian churches do talk about Jesus on Easter but they do it in a different way than say a Catholic church would. Last year this particular Unitarian church talked about the passion of Jesus. But they don’t make it a norm to talk about Jesus (or God, I think).

I’m not thinking about going to the Unitarian church this weekend. If I go out, I will probably go see The Hunger Games. I just finished reading the book yesterday. I hate when I finish reading a book and then I go see the movie right after. Why do I do that??! The whole time I’m comparing the movie to the book. But I hope The Hunger Games is different. I hope to get lost in the movie. The book wasn’t great  but it was a page turner. I’m guessing that the movie is much better than the book.

I went to my first yoga class at a new-to-me yoga studio. On the form I should mention that deep breathing makes me nauseous. I know the teacher can tell that I’m not breathing properly and um, can’t everyone BREATHE??! Even if a person has a problem with the poses, they can breathe right? Well not me. Too much deep breathing makes me gag. (Everything makes me nauseous. I have some weird problem).

Anyhow, the class was okay. There were two things I didn’t like:

  • The instructor didn’t do the poses in the beginning. She said, “I don’t do the poses. I just tell you what to do”. I hate that. I understand that doing the poses class after class probably sucks. On the other hand, I need to SEE the poses. Eventually she did the poses. She had 6 new people (including me) in the class so I guess she figured we would benefit from that.
  • I hated the class set up. Everyone is sort of in a rectangle. So when you look up, you are looking at someone’s face. Unlike. It was hard to be in the moment with someone in my face. LOL. I have never been to a class with this set up.

I have 3 more classes left. I am definitely going back at least once more. I like the instructor. The people were…people. 😉 One interesting thing about this studio is no mats are needed. The floor is nice and soft. I will still probably take my mat but I didn’t always use it the last time I was there.

I just don’t want to offend anyone. Did me not smiling or breathing (properly) put the instructor off in anyway? When she asked me if I  enjoyed myself, I could tell she didn’t believe my answer. I’m often worried that my unfriendly demeanor offends people. That is one of the main reasons why I don’t do stuff that involves other people. Some people don’t care. (I LOVE these people -heh). But I see too many people take my anxiousness personally. That bothers me. I would rather just not go out.

I could do a whole blog post on that. Maybe I will.

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