For some reason I wanted to do something on this past Sunday. I wanted to get out of the house. I usually try to do all my chores on Saturday and then on Sunday, I just chill all day. 🙂 At first, I was going to go to what would have been my first sermon at the Unitarian Church…but then I realized it was Easter. What do Unitarians do on Easter?? They welcome atheists, Buddhists, and agnostics so I guess they wouldn’t have an Easter themed sermon, right??!   I went to their website and found nothing. They only mentioned having some Easter stuff for the kids but what about the adults? I couldn’t get over how cliché it would be to go to a church on “Easter Sunday”. So scratch that.

So Easter ruined my plans. (no offense). I decided to go to the 100 acre park where I used to volunteer years ago. What fun! I stayed there for hours and ended up walking 3 miles. Usually when I go, I go to the gardens and walk around a little then I take a book out (well Kindle these days). This time I wanted to exercise so I ventured past the gardens and went to the kids petting zoo for the first time. Woohoo! My favorite animal was the gray fox. Adorable. But they also had lambs. awwwwwww. To die for. Too bad my camera ran out of batteries! 😦 I also saw cows, goats, deer, eagles, and bears. The pigs were sleeping in their pig house which looks like a dog house. I woke them up – SORRY- but they wouldn’t budge.

Can you tell how much I love animals and zoos? I used to go to DC just to go to the National Zoo but I think I’m over that now…At least I thought I was until this past Sunday.

I did get to take two pics before my camera went down:


Waterfall. I love water. It is so relaxing. I “rock climbed” to get this pic.



Um, yeah that is all. 😦

The park was much more crowded than I’m used to. I usually go on weekdays or stay for an hour on the weekend so I don’t see many people there. There were a lot of people just coming from church…or they just like to dress up when they go to the park.

I think I’m going to yoga tomorrow. I signed up for 4 classes. For some reason this place, makes you call to register for each class you want to attend. I’ve been to yoga almost everywhere around here and no one has this policy but ugh! I’ll call since I already paid for the classes. Another thing I don’t like is that they only have beginner classes on Tuesdays. WOW. I will not be joining this place after my four classes are up…unless I fall in love or something.

Fall in love with the place, not a person. We’ll shall see. It is so hard for me to get motivated to leave the house after working at home all day. I just want to stay in after I finish working.

Re: my last entry. I found a lot of interesting classes to take. Most of them cost money which isn’t the #1 problem. The #1 problem is that I will be in school trying to get my certificate. There is one classes I really, really would love to take but it is 6 hours a week in the fall. Well I have my hardest (and final) college class during the fall. I’m not going to be able to do both.

Oh well. I’ll figure out something.

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