As cool as I am

I was feeling a little down this weekend. So I turned off the TV and computer. I listened to music instead, focusing only on the music. Most importantly I spent time outside. It was just me, my dog and my Kindle Keyboard (NOT the Fire). I enjoyed nature and got a ton of reading done. It cleared my mind. I mean, I wasn’t happy or anything. 😉 It was a great mood booster though. Yep, I have to do that more.


I’m trying to avoid certain things on the internet because it is a time waster. You click on one link then another etc. I get a lot of news from the net. With my twitter app, I don’t even have to get on the net to get news anymore. I’m still an fiend. That is my vice.

Something I ran across a while ago really perturbed me. I found some disturbing articles/blog posts about the childfree “movement”. ROFL.

I have to laugh. I do consider myself childfree because guess what? I don’t have kids! Why is being childfree worth noting? Because  the majority of people have kids . There is also the presumption that every human wants kids. Not having kids is a lifestyle choice for me.


  • I don’t hate kids. I don’t judge others who do. I know only ONE childfree person who actually hates kids. Despises them. That’s not me. I don’t go out of my way to avoid kids but I’m rarely around them. I mean, I try to avoid people in general so of course I’m not going to be around kids. (more on that later…) For the most part kids remind me of innocence.
  • I’m not a feminist. I was shocked to see childfreedom and feminism linked. I’m the least feminist person on the planet. I don’t even identify as female. It would probably be one of the last things I list about myself unless I know someone wants to know. I seriously think linking these two is wrong and/or a mistake. People choose not to have kids for several reasons.
  • I don’t care if others have kids BUT the way society applauds motherhood as if they are saints or something…please, can everyone agree that that is bullshit? If not, that is part of the problem. heh. It isn’t the kids or the majority of parents who are the problem. It is just society in general. If I have a kid 9 months from now, will I be worthy? (sarcasm).
  • I’m not mad or angry. I don’t care. Just don’t say stupid shit like “a woman isn’t a woman until she has kids”. WTF? Seriously. I’m not caught up in being a woman anyway so what do I care? It is just annoying. And please don’t think all woman are meant to be nurturers or parents. That is just wrong.

The whole people misunderstanding why people call themselves childfree is bothersome. We are not childless. A childless person wants kids or is thinking about maybe having them one day. We made the decision to not have kids and we couldn’t be happier with all the perks. For parents, having kids is full of perks so they are happy with their decision. They enjoy being parents. I think sane people get this.

There are extremists on both sides.

What do I care whether someone has a kid or not? Okay it kind of sucks when your friend has a kid and has no time for you because his/her life revolves around the kid. But that’s life. I haven’t had this experience directly. (Most of my acquaintances already have kids or don’t have any). But even I kind of feel like “another one got away” when someone announces “we’re pregnant!!”. It is selfish but I know that person life is going to dramatically change.

Back to the disliking kids thing: I do say I hate people…a lot. haha. PEOPLE, not kids. Yes kids are people. Call me a people-ist if you want. I don’t care. I  say it out of anger. Once I was in Wal-Mart and I did say it quite loud. Oh, and there was this time in a thrift store when a bunch of people pissed me off. When I get really angry, people are usually my target. But I also hate inanimate objects  when they piss me off so I have issues. Whatever.

Yeah, people suck when they suck. 95% of the time I am directing my anger towards adults because I think they should know better. It is hard for me to get angry at a kid.

I’m rambling now. I was just shocked at how parents viewed childfree people. Please don’t think the extremists on internet forums define all of us. I would totally watch your kids if I knew what to do.


For the record, the title of this entry is named after a Dar Williams song. I’m not cool.

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